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AnnaSophia Robb Toasts to St-Germain with The Royale Dash

Eliza Jordan

28 February 2023

At the close of last year, the elderflower liqueur brand St-Germain held an intimate dinner at Nine Orchard’s East Room. Hosted by the critically-acclaimed actress AnnaSophia Robb, it was a celebration of the holiday season, as well as the brand’s launch of the St-Germain Royale Dash cocktail accouterment.


Courtesy of St-Germain.

Inspired by the 1920s, the new limited-edition item effortlessly elevates gatherings with its unique design, which simultaneously dispenses St-Germain into two champagne flutes to create the brand’s delectable Royale cocktail. 


Courtesy of St-Germaine.

It was there that we caught sight of the new design, sipped cocktails with the brand’s longtime ambassador Earlecia Richelle, and caught up with Robb about her relationship with the brand—and her recent wedding, which featured coupes of St-Germain Spritzes.

Over an exclusive cocktail and dinner menu, including a surprise birthday toast to Robb, Whitewall heard more from Robb and Richelle on how they’re celebrating the start of 2023 with St-Germain.


Courtesy of St-Germaine.


Courtesy of St-Germain.

WHITEWALL: Do you remember your first cocktail? Your first St-Germain drink? 

ANNASOPHIA ROBB: My first cocktail at a bar was actually the St-Germain Spritz—a simple serve of St-Germain, prosecco, and soda water over ice with lemon peel. This was also the first “mature” cocktail I ever experienced, and I was in love at first sip. So simple, yet flavorful and effervescent. For that reason, it only felt natural to partner with the brand to create one of my signature wedding cocktails in September and again now to celebrate my first holiday season as a newlywed!

WW: Congratulations on your recent nuptials! Can you tell us about your special day? 

AR: Thank you! The wedding was absolutely magical. Trevor and I fell in love with the venue together, the Inness in upstate New York, and it could not have been a more beautiful setting for the wedding, alongside the perfect late summer weather. I was lucky to be surrounded by those I love the most and the entire day just felt surreal. 


Courtesy of St-Germain.

WW: You’re used to the world of styling as an actress, but choosing what to wear on your big day must feel different. How did you choose your dress, shoes, and accessories?

AR: Picking out my dress was such an exciting, different experience for me. Typically, when choosing an ensemble, I am keeping in mind the event I am going to or character I am portraying. So, when selecting my wedding dress, I had to keep this is in mind and decide what story I was trying to convey. Ultimately, I chose a gorgeous, whimsical, yet timeless, dress from Danielle Frankel that made me feel invincible. As for styling, I chose simple accents to not overpower the look. I wore my grandmother’s pearl earrings, as well as custom platforms from Roger Vivier. 

WW: Individuality is a mix of vulnerability and integrity. How are you harnessing your true self and sharing that with the world today?

AR: Staying healthy mentally and physically. Keep in touch with the people you love and do daily or weekly check-ins with yourself. I think it’s also important to fill up the creativity tank—so taking even just a little time to enjoy the things that inspire me. 


Courtesy of St-Germain.

WW: How would you describe your personal style?

AR: I think it depends on the occasion. I want to be comfortable but I’m also playful and will try new things. I’d say it’s evolving. I’m not a trendy type of person, I look to the French and Danish and am influenced by New York. 

WW: Community is important for people in the spotlight, but for people around the world right now in general. How are you building community in your personal or professional lives?

AR: I build community just like anybody else who is in the spotlight or out of it. It’s really about connecting with folks, being a good friend, a good listener, and enjoying time together. I also love connecting people; it’s my favorite thing to do. So, if I meet someone in a meeting, or at a cafe, party, on set—wherever, and we become friends, and then I have another friend who has a similar interest or I think they’d get along, I just start a group text. It’s about planting seeds of friendship. Sometimes the folks I’ve connected with become closer than I am with them, and I love that, it’s just about growing the love. 


Courtesy of St-Germain.

WW: Do you have a go-to cocktail?

AR: My go-to is the classic St-Germain Spritz and Royale throughout the holiday season, as they are so easy to make and I can switch them up with fresh garnishes. Pomegranate seeds are my favorite addition. I am also excited to use St-Germain’s Royale Dash, as novelty way to let guests in on the cocktail-making fun. 

WW: What are you looking forward to about 2023?

AR: I’m looking forward to the release of my new film Rebel Ridge. I’m also producing and acting in my first feature so I’m excited to begin filming. We have a lot of traveling planned for this year and I’m excited to be out in the world exploring different cultures and meeting new people. I really appreciate every personal interaction now and the chance to travel.

Maison St. Germain

Earlecia Gibb.
Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky.
Courtesy of St-Germain.

WW: Earlecia, you’ve been a St-Germain ambassador for several years now. How does it feel to have this continued partnership?

EARLECIA RICHELLE: It has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience working with St-Germain for the past four years, as their National Brand Ambassador. As someone who originally began their career in fashion, cocktail creation has allowed me an outlet to continue exploring my eye for style and design, and St-Germain could not be a better muse to draw inspiration from. From recent collaborations with designer Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta’s Laura Kim to our current partnership with AnnaSophia Robb for holidays, there is certainly never a shortage of creative opportunities for me to take on.

WW: Tell us a bit about the launch of The Royale Dash. How are you excited to use it?

ER: My favorite thing about St-Germain is its ability to bring people together and spark joy among friends and family through cocktails. With that being said, a dash of St-Germain can elevate any cocktail experience and the brand’s recent Royale Dash launch for the holidays embodies just this. With one gentle press, the Royale Dash dispenses the perfect amount of St-Germain into two champagne flutes to seamlessly create the Royale cocktail—all in 1920s Art Deco style. I am excited to incorporate the device for my own holiday gatherings this season, as well as share it with some of New York City’s top bars and restaurants like Rosemary’s in the West Village and the Gansevoort Hotel in Chelsea.


Courtesy of St-Germain.

WW: Your birthday falls between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so December is a big month for celebrating. What cocktail did you celebrate the holidays with?

ER: I have been gravitating to St-Germain’s Royale, as it always elevates the typical glass of bubbly and lends to seamless serving in a party setting.

WW: During the colder months, where can we catch you dining or having drinks with friends? Any new hotspots you’re loving? Go-to spots you can’t shake? 

ER: I adore living in Brooklyn, due to its incredible diversity in food, drink, people, and culture. From culinary delights and purple-hued St-Germain margaritas at Bonnies to dancing the night away at Ode to Babel, we have it all. When I hit the Manhattan scene, it’s straight to Martinys and The Swan Room, my new favs for a swanky martini and Royale kind of evening.

WW: What are you looking forward to about this new year?

ER: A new year always brings a sense of renewal, and I am feeling such a huge spark of creative energy this year. So, I am definitely looking forward to new projects, new cities, and tasting more delightful libations. 



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Salon St-Germain gets us in the holiday spirit with tips on hosting an at-home soirée.
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Go inside the worlds
of Art, Fashion, Design,
and Lifestyle.