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Pierre-Alexis Dumas and Robert B. Chavez Host the U.S. Unveiling of the New HERMES Writing Collection

Celebrating a Forgotten Art With Hermès

Hermès is known for pure classic elegance, a decades-old maison that has never slowed nor slouched when it comes to producing some of the most luxuriously rich products esteemed collectors vie for today. It only seems obvious then, for the distinguished brand to debut a most gorgeous new writing collection, appeasing those old souls that still cherish the loveliest, forgotten art in modern times: the handwritten note.

Artistic Director of Hermès, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, along with President and CEO, Robert B. Chavez, held a quaint cocktail reception Wednesday evening in Manhattan to unveil and celebrate the newest Hermès Writing Collection and its centerpiece: The Nautilus Pen. Attendees gathered in the gorgeous Madison Avenue salon to explore interactive experiences from automatic writing to that ancient art of classic handwritten notes.

When asked about the inspiration for the latest writing collection, Dumas told us, “Hermès is freedom in movement, elegance in movement. At Hermès, we have been turning around the project of an instrument for writing for a long time. I associate writing, at Hermès, with the spirit of the nomad. Being able to capture one’s emotions or ideas on the move, and jot them down in a notebook.”

We applaud the brand for keeping this lost art alive and exotic again, especially as we, a society obsessed with technology and agility, are frighteningly capable of losing this art almost completely. With this, Dumas went on to say, “The pen has a natural place at Hermès as the house has been making diaries since the 1930s. It is a real tradition that is received by a wide public and the diaries are edited in several languages. We want to increase awareness of this tradition, as well as of our collection of writing tools.”

The Nautilus Pen is an important induction to the Hermès writing collection and “the hero of this collection of writing objects, very tactile. Through it, the most beautiful kind of metamorphosis takes place, the metamorphosis of thought, of the mind,” as Dumas explained.

The new series contains writing requisites, cases, and cartouchieres in leather, paper, or silk-covered notebooks, writing pads, and even airmail paper pads. The centerpiece being the Nautilus Pen, is uniquely Hermès after a three-year-long design process and collaboration between Dumas and industrial designer Marc Newson. The gorgeous writing instrument features a retractable nib or ballpoint with a genius self-closing rotating mechanism. Solidify your importance, intelligence, and steal the most stylish hearts with anything from this collection, available at select Hermès boutiques.




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