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Lucy Bull: Piper


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Brandon Dirden

Louis Vuitton and W Magazine Celebrate Masters : A Collaboration with Jeff Koons.
Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Dustin Yellin’s Newest Psychogeography Tells the Story of Edmond Ruinart

By Alexis Thrower

November 10, 2015

Artist and Pioneer Works founder Dustin Yellin unveiled a tribute piece this month to celebrate the history of Ruinart Champagne. Yellin created an original sculpture inspired by Edmond Ruinart’s travels to America in 1831 and his significant impact on the champagne industry. The artist, known for his Psychogeographies—a process in which he composes a scene or figure made up of composite images in layered glass—created a work that tells the story of Ruinart’s journey.

The celebration of art and champagne that took place at Yellin’s studio, was attended by Catherine Martin, Alexandra Richards, Carly Cushnie, Michelle Ochs, Wes Gordon, Kweku Mandela Amuah, and Natalie Joos, among others. Guests were treated to a performance written and directed byMartin and Baz Luhrmann that was performed by actor Brandon Dirden.

Open Gallery

The piece will be on display at The Salon Art + Design from November 12-16


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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