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Mary McCartney: Moment of Affection


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.


ECI Connects Talent in Bejing, Paris and Los Angeles

By Whitewall

April 23, 2013

ECI is a global talent management firm that works between Beijing, Paris, and Los Angeles. We spoke with talent agent Wu Jing and the company’s CEO Vincent Fischer about making connections between the film world’s leading cities.

WHITEWALL: ECI has outposts in Paris, Los Angeles, and Beijing. Do you see these as the leading film markets internationally? How do the cities compare?
WU JING: ECI is a global talent management firm, developing Chinese and French talents in China, America, and France; and very much involved on co-production projects between the three countries.



WW: Would you say that the Beijing film market is one of the fasting growing markets today? If so, why?
WJ: Yes. The economics of China is growing so fast these years. We built many new cinemas each year. And watching film becomes more and more popular for the young people.



WW: For the third BJIFF, what will ECI’s involvement be?
VINCENT FISCHER: ECI is hosting a great party at Intercontinental Hotel right after the closing ceremony on April 23, with the best champagne, one of China’s greatest fusion food chefs, an amazing Chinese DJ, in a décor set by a famous Chinese designer. Make sure to be there.

WW: ECI会以何种形式参与第三届北京国际电影节?

Vincent Fischer(以下简称“VF”):ECI将在4月23日闭幕式之后在洲际酒店举办一场大型派对,我们准备了最好的香槟,请来了一流的新式中餐大厨,绝佳的中国DJ,现场布置也由中国著名设计师操刀。绝对不能错过。

WW: How have you seen the Beijing market grow since the inception of the film festival in 2011?
BJIFF is very young . BUT it becomes more and more important. More and more domestic and overseas film companies want to participate.



WW: How would you describe the Beijing film scene? How do you see it changing?
As competitive, dynamic. and growing, looking forward to working more internationally.



WW: What do you see as one of the biggest goals or concerns for the
Beijing film scene for the future?
WJ: Attracting European actors, directors, and post-production experts.



WW: How would you describe the role of ECI in Beijing?
WJ: Helping our clients to develop the Chinese market and building an efficient bridge from China to other countries.



WW: What are you looking forward to at this year’s BJIFF?
VF: Meeting as many European producers as possible.



WW: What do you think the BJIFF needs to become one of the major players on the international film circuit – like Cannes or the Berlin Film Festival?
VF: Attracting the best European post-producers.



WW: Are there any films or performances that you’re looking forward to seeing at this year’s BJIFF?
WJ: Our client, the film director Philippe Muyl is now finalizing the post-production of his movie Le Promeneur D’Oiseau, the first ever Chinese-French official co-production. I can’t wait to watch that movie.


吴:我们代理的电影导演Phillipe Muyl最新的电影LE PROMENEUR D’OISEAU(《行走的鸟》)正在进行最后的后期制作。这是第一部中法正式联合制作的电影。我非常期待。


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