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Faith Tribe by Faith Connexion

Faith Connexion Joins the Blockchain with $FTRB

Faith Connexion’s Faith Tribe officially introduced its $FTRB token to the blockchain last week, launching as a dual-chain token on Ethereum and Polygon. Made with the help of Brock Pierce, Define Labs, and NFT Technologies’s Mario Nawful, the currency became available for trading this past Thursday following its initial introduction during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.

The cryptocurrency $FTRB is central to the fashion brand’s open-source design platform, Faith Tribe, which aims to democratize digital fashion. The new platform invites independent creators to a virtual space that will act as a gateway between the physical aspect of the fashion industry and the metaverse, allowing them to create, mint, and sell their designs with ease, in one central location that has been outfitted with the latest technologies. 

$FTRB by Faith Connexion Courtesy of Faith Tribe.

“For the last two decades, I have been obsessed about building a fun, exciting and elegant brand that was always about being open and collaborative,” said Maria Buccellati, Faith Connexion’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Today, I am so proud that our technology and blockchain sponsors picked our brand and company to make open-source fashion a reality on the blockchain. Together with Define Labs, Wahid and his private equity firm we have onboarded all the right partners to actually make this community relevant on the blockchain.”

The launch of $FTRB (which is audited by Certik and Omniscia)saw its availability for trading on top-tier centralized exchanges, along with Uniswap and AscendEx. This was followed by its introduction on decentralized exchanges Red Kite, BullPerks/Gamespad and Synapse Networks. And as of today, the currency became available on BitMart, with its availability on other exchanges to be announced in the following weeks.

Faith Tribe by Faith Connexion Courtesy of Faith Tribe.

Users on the platform will have access to on- and off-chain tools designed with the help of innovators in areas of digital fashion and crypto like DressX, Fragmint, Decentraland, Define Labs, PlatformE, Legitimate, SupraOracles, and Crypto Xpress.The launch of the trailblazing platform also saw backing by leaders in the industry like Master Ventures, Flow Investments, GAINS Associates, IBC Group, Origin Ventures, TLF Ventures, NFT Technologies, and AscendEx Ventures.

“We are one of the only luxury streetwear brands that were truly innovative 21 years ago with this whole concept of open source fashion, unlike the vast majority of luxury brands that boast being exclusive rather than inclusive; the times are changing, and today fashion and art enthusiasts want to leave their own mark and individualize their clothing; we have always encouraged collabs and invited artists to contribute to our brands,” said Wahid Pierre Chammas, Founder of Faith Tribe.

Faith Tribe by Faith Connexion Courtesy of Faith Tribe.




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