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FIAC 2016: Where to Eat

In town for FIAC 2016, and already craving something delicious? If so, we’ve got a special list of restaurants in the city to help guide you from meal to meal. To see more recommendations on lifestyle, art, and culture happenings in the city this week, download our Whitewaller app—available on iTunes.

Monsieur Bleu
Monsieur Bleu, a lively and intimate restaurant led by Chef Benoit Dargere, serves visitors sensational French dishes in a unique space. The restaurant is open until 2 AM daily, greeting guests with sweeping interiors and a timeless menu.

Ralph's Courtesy of Ralph’s.

Designed by Joseph Dirand. Lively and intimate. Elegant interior within Palais de Tokyo.

Whitewaller Recommends: Linguine au homard.

Ralph's Courtesy of Ralph’s.


From fashion to food, Ralph Lauren knows classics. Whether in town for a light bite or an intimate meal, Ralph’s serves guests a timeless menu with an elegant twist. A welcoming restaurant that opened in April, the restaurant delicately offers a comfortable lush courtyard and a sophisticated, warm interior featuring high ceilings and dark wood. Ralph’s also offers an array of in-house specialty dishes like the famous Ralph’s Favorites, Ralph’s Brownies, and Ralph’s Club.

Monsier Bleu Courtesy of Monsier Bleu.

American charm. Intimate interiors. Worldwide favorite dishes.

Whitewaller Recommends: The Ridgway Margarita.

Le Gabriel Courtesy of Le Gabriel.


Since last mid-April, Daroco has been reeling guests in with its exposed brick and airy crushed blue velvet booths. This high-end trattoria, complemented with its reputable bar Danico, is serving up exceptional Italian dishes all day long.

Le Gabriel Courtesy of Le Gabriel.

Led by Alexandre Giesbert and Chef Jilien Ross. 20 seats at Bar Danico.

Whitewaller Recommends: Rigatoni Alla Norma.

Le Gabriel Courtesy of Le Gabriel.


Le Gabriel
Located inside of La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa, restaurant Le Gabriel is a sophisticated space for dining. Serving contemporary French cuisine, the restaurant earned two Michelin stars earlier this year for its stellar seasonal dishes.

Daroco Courtesy of Daroco.

Gastronomic restaurant. Restaurant by Marc Tognon. Cuisine by Chef Jérome Banctel.

Whitewaller Recommends: Saumon de Norvége.



To read more about FIAC 2016, pick up the latest copy of Whitewaller in Paris next week. And for even more insight into FIAC and Paris Art Week, make sure to check out Whitewaller Paris’ guest editor Judith Benhamou-Huet’s website.




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