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Pink Mamma

FIAC 2017: Where to Eat and Drink

Traveling to FIAC 2017 (October 19-22), and looking for a place to eat and have a drink at? Whitewaller put together a list of top restaurants and bars in the city to make your search a little easier.

Le Drugstore
Sleek and modern, and brand new this year, Le Drugstore is a unique restaurant and bar in the heart of the city with an exciting approach. With impressive decor designed by Tom Dixon and a delectable menu from Eric Frechon, Le Drugstore is a celebratory establishment for the capital city. Seven high bar stools anchor the bar’s sprawling marble counter, with an array of surrounding tufted leather booth-bench seats and tables. Visitors are delightfully welcomed with bright white lights and gold accents, while the restaurant’s sensual, dark materials and colors draw the eye downward. Bursting with vibrant color and bold flavor, each dish is thrills all the senses.

Pink Mamma Bar at Pink Mamma.
Courtesy of Jérôme Galland

Whitewaller recommends: Trying the DesignAddict cocktail.

Ralph’s 6th arrondissement
Serving guests a timeless menu with an elegant twist, Ralph’s is a welcoming restaurant that delicately offers a comfortable, lush courtyard and a sophisticated, warm interior with high ceilings and dark wood.

Daroco Cuisine at Daroco.
Courtesy of Daroco

Whitewaller recommends: Curing your sweet tooth with Ralph’s Brownies.

Les Grands Verres 16th arrondissement
An interior shining with high ceilings, stone, glass, and wood greets you as soon as you enter Les Grands Verres. The large, welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for a gastronomic experience worth revisiting time and time again. American Chef Preston Miller shares a Mediterranean vision, and a sustainable bar concept by Hyacinthe Lescoët impresses all.

Le Georges Le Georges interior.
Courtesy of Le Georges

Whitewaller recommends: Listening to a DJ set in the outdoor space.

Vava 18th arrondissement
As an homage to the owner’s mother, Valerie, and as an acronym standing for “Venez avec votre amour” (“Come with your love”), the Mediterranean-influenced bistro is bursting with beautiful seasonal colors. Chef Benjamin Mathieu pleases all guests, from vegetarians to carnivores, with snacks, starters, mains, and desserts.

Pink Mamma Fregola blacked dish at Pink Mamma.
Courtesy of Joann Pai

Whitewaller recommends: Trying the veal shortbread.

Balagan Paris 1st arrondissement
At Balagan Paris, those who know of the founders of the Experimental Group are in for a treat, and this time, with creations whipped up by Assaf Granit and Uri Navon—two of Israel’s most prominent chefs. Mediterranean references continue through the interior, extending to a profusion of enchanting spaces with hospitality design by Dorothée Meilichzon.

Whitewaller recommends: Sipping Ruinart or trying the Algue Colada.

Danico 2nd arrondissement
Tucked into the back of restaurant Daroco is Danico—a modern Francesca Errico– designed space with a stellar herringbone bar, velvet armchairs, brass wall lamps, and a view of Galerie Vivienne. With irresistible cocktails and an atmosphere worth truly enjoying, Danico puts its guests at ease.

Whitewaller recommends: Indulging in the #CONTROLELAMOUSSE.

Victoria Paris 16th arrondissement
At Victoria Paris, diners are delighted to find an elegant atmosphere infused with personality and charm. The spirit of the restaurant is invigorated by its position on the Place de l’Étoile and direct view of the Arc de Triomphe. Inside, the comfortable space is perfect for pastas, delectable wines, sharing plates, and desserts.

Whitewaller recommends: Pairing the chef’s recommendation with Ruinart.

Les Georges 4th arrondissement

At the top of the Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers–designed Musée National d’Art Moderne, known as the Pompidou, Le Georges rests with an incomparable view, undeniable cuisine, and elegant drinks. The unforgettable views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower glimmer below as guests enjoy the immense terrace.

Whitewaller recommends: Savoring the Tom Yam Chili Sea Bass.

Glass 9th arrondissement
Dark and vibey, GLASS is an eclectic meeting point for the colorful neighborhood. From hot dogs and house-made pickles to specialty beers and cocktails, GLASS offers an array of snacks and drinks to enjoy between dancing.

Whitewaller recommends: Attending a DJ set.

Pink Mamma 9th arrondissement
Charming with natural light, high and low seats, open kitchens, and inspiring interior, Pink Mamma is a local favorite for its four floors of considerable detail and delectable dishes, too. Each room in this exquisite gem is different, and the rooftop is a romantic extension of its consideration to detail.

Whitewaller recommends: Sipping a Zerotto cocktail.

Le Perchoir 11th arrondissement
Known for its energetic rooftop scene, Le Perchoir is a lively gathering space for creatives and professionals alike. With an array of collaborations and partnerships ever-present, attendees can regularly find themselves attending an exhibition, enjoying a concert, dining at a pop-up restaurant, or taking in an outdoor screening.

Whitewaller recommends: Venturing to the sister location, Le Perchoir Menilmontant, for a DJ party.

Le Gabriel 8th arrondissement
Located inside of La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa, restaurant Le Gabriel is a sophisticated space for dining. Serving contemporary French cuisine, the restaurant earned two Michelin stars last year for its stellar seasonal dishes.

Whitewaller recommends: Enjoying the Saumon de Norvège.

Castel 6th arrondissement
Inside Castel, red walls and 18th-century tomettes create a spirited environment unlike any other. Various rooms offer experiences for the voyager and the local, and the young and the wise. From Tuesday to Saturday, Castel welcomes explorers to dining and dancing in The Foyer and The Club.

Whitewaller recommends: Exploring The Foyer.

Belle Maison 9th arrondissement
Newly opened Belle Maison, the two-floor gourmet hotspot founded by Chef Franck Baranger and Associates Edouard Bobin and Nicolas Chatelain, shines with striking interiors by Émilie Bonaventure. Subtle décor, infused with contemporary, timeless design, complements a menu full of fresh seafood sourced from short distribution circuits for respectable marine resourcing. The restaurant is simply dedicated to tasty dishes that matter.

Whitewaller recommends: Enjoying a full fish to share and a crisp glass of Ruinart outside.

Daroco 2nd arrondissement
Since 2016, Daroco has been reeling visitors in with its exceptional cuisine, exposed brick, and airy crushed blue velvet booths. This high-end trattoria, complemented with its reputable bar, Danico, serves up exceptional Italian dishes to savor.

Whitewaller recommends: Indulging in the Rigatoni Alla Norma.

Raspoutine 8th arrondissement
Since 1965, in the heart of the Champs-Élysées, Raspoutine is acclaimed for its old Russian cabaret. Alcoves draped in red velvet are sensual posts for the chic parties held in its space. It is now known as a celebrity hot-spot, and those in attendance understand well that they are there for an experience.

Whitewaller recommends: Dancing until six a.m. on the weekend.




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