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Giampiero Bodino

Giampiero Bodino Exhibits High Jewelry at The Salon Art + Design

The high jewelry designer Giampiero Bodino will present a group of one-of-a-kind pieces at The Salon Art + Design. Within the setting of the stunning Library of the Park Avenue Armory, the five unique creations are emblematic of Bodino’s taste and eye for beauty.

Before launching his eponymous maison in 2013, Bodino worked for two decades as the creative director of Richemont. Whitewaller spoke with Bodino about his interest in architecture and antiques and his excitement about showing his collection within a fine art and design context.

Giampiero Bodino

Photo by Guido Taroni

WHITEWALLER: Can you tell us about what we can expect from the special exhibition of your jewelry at The Salon Art + Design?

GIAMPIERO BODINO: First, I fell in love with the Park Avenue Armory. I think it represents an architecture of New York that really fascinates me. My studies were in architecture, and it is something that has always inspired me.

Giampiero Bodino

Giampiero Bodino’s PRIMAVERA ring, with mandarin garnet, paraiba tourmalines, emeralds, mandarin garnets, cognac, brown and white diamonds.

I was really elated by the Library as well. I found the proportions and dimensions absolutely amazing and was impressed by the quality of the details.

WW: Five unique pieces were created for the occasion. Can you tell me about these pieces?

Giampiero Bodino

Mosaico, Tessere pink gold and diamonds bracelet, courtesy of Giampiero Bodino.

GB: We wanted to design pieces that represented our codes. We designed five pieces that represent our taste. We’ve done a special version of our Mosaico necklace that in this case is super-clean, very light, by using only diamonds. And we created the Mosaico ring totally with diamonds as well.

The Mosaico bracelet is more related to shapes of architecture, in pink gold and diamond, which is kind of like a tromp l’oeil chain, but it’s very flat. Another geometrical form we made with concentric circles. It is very wearable and very light, a combination with our pink gold and diamonds. It is something that is modern and antique at the same time and quite easy to wear.

The Primavera ring is inspired by nature and is a mixture of romanticism and flamboyancy. It’s a very special flower with petals covered in paraiba tourmalines combined with an amazing central mandarin garnet. I think the combination of the two colors is amazing.

WW: What is it like for you to exhibit your pieces within an art and design context?

GB: I’m very comfortable with this. I’m an aficionado of antique furniture. So to be present and have a chance to show my pieces in that context is very important. I’m very happy.

WW: Can you tell us about your design process? Does it start from a sketch? From a stone?

GB: I belong to the category of designers that design. I really like to sketch, to think of something and then represent it on paper. I can buy a stone or a set of stones, feel the stones, and my mind reacts and I come up with a drawing inspired by them. Or the creative process goes the other way, where I have in mind a decorative motif and design what I have in mind, put the color on it, and then when satisfied with proportions and color I find the stones.

WW: Do you see your work as a form of art? As sculptural?

GB: I’m a painter as well, so I consider painting art. Jewelry is a form of art, of course, but it’s different, to be honest. I have a lot of inspiration. We put a lot of time and energy into what we do. Jewelry is something on a different scale. It’s designed for a person to express a form of art and is wearable. It’s a portable piece of art.


This article appears in Whitewaller New York 2017 The Salon Art + Design, out this week.



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