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Hermès Honored at The Battery Conservancy’s 22nd Annual Gala

Last Thursday night at the southernmost tip of Manhattan in The Battery, The Battery Conservancy held its festive 22nd annual gala. This year it honored Hermès for the luxury house’s shared values and continued support of the growth and upkeep of Lower Manhattan. Produced by Raul Àvila, the event began with an elegant cocktail reception, where guests enjoyed refreshments alongside key supporters like Yolanda Hadid, Harold Koda, Olivia Palermo, Lily Kwong, Kate Greer, Kate Young, Ryan Clark, Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch, Samantha Rudin Earls and David Earls, Sabrina and Michael Rudin, Homepolish’s Noa Santos, Warby Parker’s Andrew Hunt, Indre Rockefeller, and Lilli Millheiser. As attendees sipped champagne and made their way through the park’s garden (with notable landscape design by architect Piet Oudolf), they also had the pleasure of experiencing a ride on the SeaGlass Carousel.

Within a clear tent, dimly lit by the sunset and twinkling lights hung from above, the celebration began with Warrie Price, Founder and President of The Battery Conservancy, speaking to the crowd about Battery Park’s upcoming plans, and the reason why Hermès—and particularly its CEO, Robert Chavez—was being honored.

THE BATTERY NY Robert Chavez.
The 22nd Annual Battery Gala honoring Hermès.
Courtesy of BFA.

“Bob Chavez embodies all the quality that New York fosters in its citizens. He arrived endowed with unlimited curiosity, a key intellect, and fearless creativity,” said Price. “Bob found a work environment that channeled his passions and expanded his talents. He was appointed CEO of Hermes in the United States in the year 2000, and under his direction, and truly, his idea, Hermès became the premier luxury house to lead the revitalization of Lower Manhattan. He recognized the potential of downtown 10 years ago when he opened the Wall Street store. Tonight, we honor Bob for his foresight, his belief, and his commitment to the dynamic future of this neighborhood.”

Accepting the Conservancy’s medal of appreciation, Chavez said, “Thank you to Bill and Warrie, and to the Conservancy, for your incredible recognition and generosity. We really, really appreciate it. I have to thank each and every one of you sitting here in this room tonight, because thanks to your generosity, the beautiful setting that we’re in tonight, you will help continue to develop and grow and allow Warrie and her team to do these amazing projects. Look at the beautiful carousel, and the playground that’s coming—and for the 7 million people that will enjoy such an amazing setting here in New York City.”

THE BATTERY NY The 22nd Annual Battery Gala honoring Hermès.
Courtesy of BFA.

During the multi-course dinner, an auction took place, with a portion of its proceeds going directly to The Battery. In celebration of the occasion, Hermès also released a limited-edition silk scarf—a pastel piece with an alluring illustration of The Battery on it, designed by French artist Ugo Gattoni. Alongside experiences auctioned off that night to support the Battery, the Gattoni-signed scarf reached a $26,000 bid, and launched for public sale the next morning. Mid-dessert, a violinists performed between tables and in the center of the tent’s tage. After dessert and final remarks, guests danced to music by DJ Flo, enjoyed one last ride on the carousel, and took home Hermès’ summer-friendly fragrance—Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Eau.


THE BATTERY NY Warrie Price, Robert Chavez, Bill Rudin.
The 22nd Annual Battery Gala honoring Hermès.
Courtesy of BFA.



THE BATTERY NY Lily Kwong, Hollye Jacobs, Kate Greer, Noa Santos.
The 22nd Annual Battery Gala honoring Hermès.
Courtesy of BFA.





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