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Photos: Photo by Mike Poselski/Off Brand Project, courtesy of Circoloco.

How Circoloco Went from Curating Music to Creating a Lifestyle

Last Friday night in New York, Circoloco threw a party to celebrate the end of New York Fashion Week. Hosted at a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in partnership with Teksupport, the festival’s founder Antonio Carbonaro welcomed talents Marco Carola, Tale of Us, and Mike Servito to perform.

Circoloco has garnered international claim as being one of the best parties regardless of where it’s thrown or what it’s thrown for. The atmosphere has taken 22 years to create—a curated mix of musical talent and immersive installations; an intoxicating blend of grit and glam.


Photos: Photo by Mike Poselski/Off Brand Project, courtesy of Circoloco.

Whitewall spoke with Carbonaro about the foundation and evolution of Circoloco, how his parties have infiltrated the fashion industry, and why his events are more of a lifestyle than a party.

WHITEWALL: Tell us a bit about your journey in the industry leading up to today.


Photos: Photo by Mike Poselski/Off Brand Project, courtesy of Circoloco.

ANTONIO CARBONARO: We started Circoloco 21 years ago, in 1999, to serve as an underground-focused destination to visit after Space’s 24-hour parties. We held the first event at DC-10 when it was an old finca next to Ibiza airport. It has now evolved from an after-hours on Monday morning into a definitive symbol for the underground spirit of dance music culture in Ibiza and in the world, and we work to build on this ethos with our curation. 

WW: Tell us a bit about why you created Circoloco, and how it has evolved since.


Photos: Photo by Mike Poselski/Off Brand Project, courtesy of Circoloco.

AC: Circoloco to me was the spirit of freedom of the Balearic Islands. I started when I was just 23 years old. At that age your head is all over the place, but on that day, it was in the right place! Over the years Circoloco grew stronger and even revered by many artists and music lovers—to the point where it became a movement, a lifestyle. Circoloco today is a connection between music and people around the world.

WW: You’ve previously worked with fashion houses and patrons—like Riccardo Tisci and Virgil Abloh. Tell us a bit about your relationship with the fashion industry. 


Photos: Photo by Mike Poselski/Off Brand Project, courtesy of Circoloco.

AC: Our world of music is increasingly becoming connected with other entities of global interest, such as art and fashion; it’s almost like a magnet that attracts influential people to it. This attraction is that it gave us the push to create collaborations and offer new experiences to everyone who follows. No soul for sale.

WW: Are there any other fashion brands you’re working with on the horizon, or aim to?  

Fairmont Dallas Downtown

Courtesy of Fairmont Dallas Downtown.

AC: Believe me, even if there were, I wouldn’t tell you. I kid! We actually have our project, which is Circoloco’s home for collaborating with other brands. You will see more there soon.

WW: Circoloco is famous for its Ibiza programming. How do you feel your events set themselves apart than the others on the island? How do you feel that is applicable to anywhere in the world? 

AC: It’s simple. We only think of what is best for Circoloco and DC-10, and we don’t look at what everyone else is doing. We just want to transmit our passion to the people, whether in Ibiza or elsewhere.  

WW: Can you describe for us a typical Circoloco party?

AC: I can’t really with words. You have to come and experience it yourself. People are connected at Circoloco events, in Ibiza or worldwide. People meet there and they recognize themselves in our journey. It’s like a religion, and even a lifestyle for those that come to our parties. 

WW: How do you choose which talent to showcase on your roster? 

AC: There are many elements of evaluation according to my knowledge. And after 22 years, my system is very elaborate and effective.

WW: We featured an interview with Virgil Abloh in summer issue last year, and touched upon his involvement with Circoloco—he designed a capsule collection inspired by Circoloco. Do you feel there are others that are mixing art and fashion like he is to sway and influence culture?

AC: I’m sure there are, or that there will be, but can’t really say. Another thing that is for sure is that the world is always ready to accept any kind of unique art, and Circoloco will be there for the new wave when it comes. It never dies.

WW: Who are some artists you’ve recently had on your radar?  

AC: So many. You’ll have to look at our future lineups to see…

WW: Tell us a bit about the art and technology that goes into putting together a Circoloco show—which is more of an immersive experience.

AC: From preparation to the day after, communicating our vision of combining art and music to the people remains our core. We are an independent movement, and creating a sense of unity and family is our guiding force. We share thrills and madness, and we stay true to ourselves—our creed and our crew.

WW: Looking back, if you could choose one memory to highlight that sums up Circoloco, what would it be?

AC: We are in the twenty-second year of circulation. As look back and see Circoloco’s evolution across several generations, I feel fulfilled in knowing our brand has created a permanent mark on dance culture. This is the biggest emotion for me, and the best will come




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