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Lisa Perry

Insider Lisa Perry Shares the Best of Palm Beach

Lisa Perry, Founder and Curator of Onna House, shares her favorite spots in Palm Beach.

Lisa Perry’s Favorite Place to Find Inspiration in Palm Beach

My favorite place to find inspiration in Palm Beach is vintage furniture art objects and fabric shopping in West Palm. Places like Show Pony have endless finds from every era. 

Best Off-the-Beaten Place to See Art

Best off-the-beaten path to see art is at New Wave and The Armory Art Center. I am on the Board of New Wave, a great nonprofit that puts on a variety of free programming throughout the year and during New Wave Art Wknd, as well as hosts an artist-in-residence program for emerging artists. I always love visiting the New Wave studio at  The Square and learning about their practices. I discovered the work of María Lucía “Lulu” Varona who was in residence with New Wave last year and acquired an embroidery work by her which was on view at Onna House earlier this year. Armory Art Center is actually for classes in ceramic and painting and sculpting and jewelry making and more, so they have “student” shows that are really good. I discovered a young jewelry designer there named Maria Camera Smith and I have a small sculpture of hers at Onna House now. 

Best-Kept Secret in Palm Beach According to Lisa Perry

I have a couple. Both food but, hey! THE best scone in the world at Blue Provence on South County. And THE best rye bread in the world at Too Jays deli at The Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Lisa Perry, Founder and Curator of Onna House, @lisaperrystyle 




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