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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Cooking in COVID-19 isolation; courtesy of KATKIM.
Courtesy of Palihouse Santa Monica.
Photo by William Bradford, courtesy of Harlowe.

Katherine Kim Revisits Old Photos, Taking Comfort in the Past

By Eliza Jordan

July 6, 2020

Since the beginning of March, the jewelry designer Katherine Kim has been donating a portion of her label KATKIM’s online sales to No Kid Hungry. Additionally, she’s been contributing to the business of her favorite Los Angeles spots by ordering takeout, buying coffee beans, and purchasing gift cards.

A few weeks ago, Whitewall checked in on Kim to see how she’s keeping busy in isolation. From her home in Los Angeles, she shared some photos of baking and painting with her kids, and an update on revisiting the past.

Open Gallery

Cooking in COVID-19 isolation; courtesy of KATKIM.

WHITEWALL: How are you doing?

KATHERINE KIM: I would be lying if I said that I was doing fine. There is so much uncertainty and suffering going on. But overall, I am trying to stay positive and keep myself busy.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Palihouse Santa Monica.

WW: What are you listening to, reading, watching, or listening to?

KK: I just re-watched The Talented Mr. Ripley. I forgot how beautiful the movie was. The styling, the scenery, and the cast are just so mesmerizing.

Open Gallery

Photo by William Bradford, courtesy of Harlowe.

WW: What are you cooking?

KK: I find baking to be very therapeutic and it offers me a little escape and uplifts my mood. Baking actually requires a lot of full attention. You have to measure and focus physically so it helps me be present and that act of mindfulness in that present moment helps with bringing comfort. I follow my talented friend Sandee (@__forthetable) and love all the sweet recipes she shares on her Instagram account.

WW: How are you staying connected?

WW: I chat regularly with my family and friends through video calls. It’s more important than ever to check in on each other emotionally and provide support, encouragement, and distraction during this stressful time.

WW: How are you staying creative? Are you able to make work at this time?

KK: I’ve reconnected with my early ways of making jewelry which is simple wire and pliers. That was the process for me when I first started out. It’s been fun being able to cut, bend, and shape the wire into wearable pieces. Our studio is currently closed, so we are unable to produce anything at the moment, but I miss my team very much and looking forward to getting back into the studio to start creating with them again.

WW: Where are you finding hope or inspiration?

KK: I’ve been using this opportunity to revisit old photos and watch videos I took of my travels. It’s been a rejuvenating source of inspiration for me to see them again, and to feel physically transported. This is the imagination I want to immerse myself in right now and take comfort in the past.

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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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