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Photo by Marc Regas

Le Grand Fooding Time Mach’Inn

Last Friday and Saturday night, Le Fooding presented its latest edition of the well-known culinary event “Le Grand Fooding Time Mach’Inn.”

Combining annual restaurant guides in both print and digital and charitable international culinary events, all defending “a less-intimidating gastronomy,” Le Fooding went big with this new edition, throwing a time machine-themed dinner, taking place outdoors in the dim lit backyard of RES in Brooklyn.

Photo by Marc Regas

Guests enjoyed an intimate affair, sitting at very casual and convivial, yet elegant white picnic tables. Travelling back through the history of taste, this year’s event was dedicated to celebrate the different culinary times that punctuated the last two decades. The first step of the culinary journey was focused on the “Fusion Years” (from 1991 to 1999) and it was Peter Gordon, the New Zealand cooking legend, who initiated this happy plate. Chef Gordon of London’s The Sugar Club prepared a delicious smoked salmon and goat cheese dumpling, bathing in a wonderful plantain, tamarind, and coconut soup. A Jameson Black Barrel cocktail with orange was served to fully enjoy this true explosion of flavors and textures.

The second stop of the dinner praised the “Bistronomy Years” (from 1998 to 2007) and who better to take the lead on such a theme but French Chef Yves Camdeborde from le Comptoir du Relais? Chef Camdeborde’s mastery in bistro cuisine was once again demonstrated and affirmed with this dish, presenting a beautiful piece of roasted breast of veal along with a purée de pommes de terre and divine cockles. The dish was both an eye- and mouth-delight, definitely reminding us of a small French bistro. More Jameson cocktails by brilliant mixologist Tristan Willey of Booker & Dax were served as we continued to dig in.

Photo by Marc Regas

The cheese platters were soon introduced. Presented on six foot-long wood boards, a myriad of cheeses and fruit chutneys were disposed to share around the table.

The third and last stop aimed at targeting the “farm-to-table” years (from 2008 to present). New York City-based Chef duo Frank Castronovo & Frank Falcinelli presented a surprising culinary creation pairing tomato and honey flavors in crushed ice. The sweet savor usually present in traditional dessert was only to be found at the very bottom of the small cup in a delicate savory cream.

Photo by Marc Regas

The dinner wrapped up with coffee and a matcha-tea fortune cookie, representing “the future.” On their way out, the guests could grab a cheesecake in order to make Le Grand Fooding last a little longer.


Photo by Marc Regas

This year, Le Fooding chose to support and work with City Harvest, a local organization, rescuing food for New York’s hungry.




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