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Miller Harris

Lost in London: Miller Harris’ “Forage” Collection

October is our favorite time to be in London, and not just because of the fairs. The cooler weather and usually less rainy climate make for great exploring of the city’s unparalleled gardens and parks. Whether in Regent’s Park (where Frieze takes place), Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, or well-manicured private backyard gardens—the sprawling landscape is perfectly punctuated with breathtaking greenery.

In fact, the city’s eight Royal Parks are spread over 5,000 acres. Nearly half of the metropolitan area is green space. And surprisingly, it has the highest density of bees in the country. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that perfumer Miller Harris recently released its latest collection, “Forage,” as an ode to the diversity of London’s landscape.

Miller Harris Miller Harris’ HIDDEN fragrance.

Essential to the human existence, searching for sustenance was the starting point for “Forage”—both the prehistoric necessity and today’s creative food movement. As such, perfumers Mathieu Nardin and Bertrand Duchaufour placed extra emphasis on highlighting wild ingredients that could be found in London. The result is an olfactory interpretation of the constant struggle between built and natural environments.

The forage-inspired collection comprises three fragrances—HIDDEN, LOST, and WANDER. Each is presented in large square bottles with gold tops and artistic labels seen through the clear containers.

Miller Harris Miller Harris’ LOST fragrance.

HIDDEN, with notes of bergamot, lime, honey, red berries, and sandalwood, hints at Londoners out of sight on the rooftops; LOST, made up of blackcurrant, rhubarb, rose petals, and musk, refers to our tendency to let the city swallow us; and WANDER, with grapefruit, mandarin, fig, violet leaf, and patchouli, evokes the freedom of a stroll in the park. In each, we’re reminded of the thrill of living and manmade scents dancing with one another—like wild fruits ripening behind locked gates and honey being made on rooftop apiaries.

With such a focus on the natural world, for the series packaging, Miller Harris stayed true to its environmental principles. In partnership with Smile Plastics, the fragrance holders are made from recycled waste materials like bottle tops and yogurt pots—which can be used for whatever one may find in a future forage.

Miller Harris Miller Harris’ WANDER fragrance.





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