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Olga Osminkina-Jones On LIFEWTR’s Support of Emerging Artists

For several editions of Frieze around the world, LIFEWTR has been an official partner—and Frieze Los Angeles is no exception. There to create a safe and culturally rich space for both the artist and the viewer, LIFEWTR serves as a platform to encourage conversation between emerging artists and the public. The partnership is a pure example of how supporting emerging artists changes the culture of a fair. To hear more about the brand’s partnership with this edition of Frieze Los Angles, Whitewaller spoke with Olga Osminkina, the vice president of global hydration and innovation at PepsiCo.

WHITEWALLER: LIFEWTR is known for supporting emerging artists. Tell us a bit about this and why the brand is dedicated to discovering new talent and giving them a platform.

OLGA OSMINKINA-JONES: We at LIFEWTR fundamentally believe that creative talent, and namely artists, are critical to the advancement and prosperity of our society at large. And data proves it—the arts are often strongly connected with urban economic development and revitalization projects. This includes the ability of art to educate and nurture “whole brain thinkers,” create new jobs, drive innovation, bridge cultures, inspire openness, and be an inclusive catalyst for communities to explore variety of issues and aspirations, among other things.

However, emerging talent in the art world are under heavy pressure and need direct support and strong networks to enable them to create and fort heir talent to be discovered. LIFEWTR provides just that, in turn helping artists and communities alike.

WW: Who are some artists you’ve recently discovered that we should keep our eyes open for?

OO: It’s been really rewarding to watch the careers of our Series Artists grow and evolve since our collaborations. We’ve worked with a variety of creative talent from painters to educators, textile designers, and furniture designers. If you’re looking for an artist to discover, you may as well look at the roster of talent we’re working with, each with individual points of view, unique perspectives, and stories to tell.

WW: LIFEWTR is an official partner of Frieze. What are you looking forward to during Frieze—at the fair and around L.A.?

OO: Los Angeles is such a vibrant, creative city with emerging new voices in the art world, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the city’s spirit is imbued within the fair. More than specific galleries, I’m curious to see how Frieze takes form in this dynamic city and the ways in which the artists’ work reflects that.

WW: Tell us a bit about your take on the art scene in Los Angeles overall. What’s exciting there right now?

OO: In my view, what makes the Los Angeles art community is a unique marriage of grit and Hollywood glam only L.A. can do. There’s something very democratic about the way art is presented here that reminds me a lot about why we launched LIFEWTR in the first place. Previously out of focus, the art scene has infiltrated so many neighbourhoods of the city, from Venice to Downtown, with something to catch anyone’s eye.

With LIFEWTR, the one art institution I must call out is the Hammer Museum. It believes in the “promise of art and ideas to illuminate our lives and build a more just world.” And it is a part of UCLA. Art, creativity, culture, education—all things so inherent to the core of LIFEWTR. Hammer is known for a progressive array of exhibits and public programs. Together with Frieze, LIFEWTR is launching an endowment fund for Hammer this year to further help fuel exhibits of contemporary art.





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