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Justine Koons, Carmen ZitaCourtesy of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s Movement with Marilyn Minter, Marc Jacobs, and Miley Cyrus

Planned Parenthood, since its origination in 1916, has long been under the media’s spotlight. To its relentless supporters that’s mostly a good thing. But as the subject of sometimes violent protests and politicians try to eliminate federal funds from going to the reproductive health organization, Planned Parenthood has found itself battling negative societal depictions and misinformation much more heavily recently.

To help raise funds, awareness, and to continue fighting the good fight, Planned Parenthood held its annual spring luncheon two weeks ago at the Pierre Hotel in New York. The event celebrated the health organization’s onward march for women’s rights and saw leading ladies in the art world like Marilyn MinterDeborah Kass, RoseLee Goldberg, and Patricia Cronin in attendance.

Justine Koons, Carmen Zita
Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

In May 2015, Minter and friends Cindy Sherman and Laurie Simmons raised over $2.5 million at Choice Works for Planned Parenthood, auctioning off one-of-a-kind works of art at Sotheby’s. At this year’s luncheon, Minter was given the Woman of Valor Award thanks to her significant contributions. After presenting her with the honor, it was announced that the artist has been working with Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs on a new artistic endeavor for Planned Parenthood.

In March, Minter and Cyrus met to create a steamy photo entitled Miley (2016), now available in a 24 x 16 inch C-print. “We were cyber pals for a while,” said Minter. “We planned it.” The limited-edition print of 50 is face-mounted on UV Plexiglas, signed by the creators, and sold through Artsy for $5,500, with the proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood. Jacobs also joined in, gearing up to release two different limited-edition T-shirts for men and women for $50—“Miley Hearts Planned Parenthood” and “Pro Choice Miley.” Beginning on May 16, the shirts can be purchased on and in select boutiques. “We wanted something the kids could buy,” said Minter. “Marc Jacobs stepped up! No clothing company has ever done this.”

Miley Hearts Planned Parenthood
Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

Supporters in attendance like Uma Thurman, Lisa Perry, Tory Burch, Justine Koons, and speaker, Cindi Leive, the Editor-in-Chief of Glamour, all stood with event co-chairs Katie Danziger, Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen, Tracey Kemble, Margot Levy, Diane Max, and Nicole Angel Wachter to applaud this initiative. Upon leaving, all guests were given Minter’s newest book, Pretty/Dirty, a hardbound illustration of her exhibition that opens at the Brooklyn Museum this fall.

Joan Malin, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood New York City (PPNYC), professed her gratitude, stating, “It is more important than ever that our champions speak out in support of Planned Parenthood. PPNYC is thankful to have the unwavering support of Miley Cyrus and Marilyn Minter. Their stand with Planned Parenthood shines a spotlight on the millions of women who are being negatively affected by this ingoing attack on abortion access. And we are so grateful for the remarkable print they created together and we are delighted that sales will directly benefit PPNYC patients.”

Joan Malin, Diane Max, Marilyn Minter
Courtesy of Planned Parenthood






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