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ModernHaus SoHo

Sip, Sauna, and Stay for Valentine’s Day at ModernHaus SoHo

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, ModernHaus SoHo in Manhattan greets guests to a night of relaxation—from indulging in Mediterranean treats at Twenty Three Grand to experiencing self-care treatments at its wellness pop-up.

ModernHaus SoHo opened in New York in May 2021 as Thor Equities Group‘s first hospitality brand. Since then, it has marveled downtown Manhattan with a new sense of flair and fun tied to art, with an impressive collection spread throughout its sophisticated spaces. Many of the contemporary works are borrowed from the personal collection of Jack J. Sitt—a director at Thor and the son of its CEO, Joseph Sitt, who spearheaded the foundation of the hotel—including works by artists like George Condo, Nicholas Party, Hans Hofmann, Jean Dubuffet, and Kaws.

ModernHaus SoHo.

Photo by Nikolas Koenig, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

ModernHaus SoHo’s Evolution

Since its early days, the hotel has also revamped its culinary concept—then named Veranda, now Twenty Three Grand. Executive Chef Ashley Rath shaped the new Mediterranean menu. In place of a traditional spa, the hotel has created a Haus of Glow wellness space on its 17th floor, merging the expertise of outside brands and the inside comfort of an onsite hospitality experience. Brands like HigherDOSE, Edge Theory Labs, and TAN-LUXE appear for Hahus of Glow’s second annual pop-up, greeting guests to a wellness journey filled with infrared saunas, cold plunge pools, and more.

ModernHaus SoHo.

Edge Theory Labs, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

Valentine’s Day Offerings at ModernHaus SoHo

For Valentine’s Day, New Yorkers can indulge in the ultimate overnight package at ModernHaus SoHo and experience the very best of these worlds through calming treatments, sumptuous bites, and relaxing sleep. In addition to an array of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a glass-enclosed dining area and a private room for events, Twenty Three Grand features a collection of seasonal yurts for diners to enjoy a private dinner for two in. And for those hooked on self-care for the start of 2024, Haus of Glow is offering a discount to all hotel guests who book HigherDOSE wellness treatments or purchase products.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Whitewall spoke with Sitt, Rath, and HigherDOSE’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Katie Kaps, about the ultimate stay at ModernHaus SoHo right now.

ModernHaus SoHo.

Portrait of Jack Sitt by Griffin Lipson, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

The Art Collection at ModernHaus SoHo

WHITEWALL: The hotel’s art collection has evolved, with many new pieces filling the space since our first visit back in 2021. What are some recent acquisitions? 

JACK J. SITT: From the inception of the ModernHaus SoHo project, curating the artistic ambiance within the hotel has been a personal endeavor of mine. Given the vibrant surroundings of SoHo, integrating art became a pivotal aspect of our vision. Every piece adorning the hotel is meticulously chosen from my private collection, featuring a diverse selection of renowned artists such as Hans Hartung, George Condo, Harland Miller, Jean Dubuffet, Hans Hofmann, Nicolas Party, and Kaws. We’re always acquiring new pieces and looking for ways to keep growing our collection to maintain a fresh and dynamic experience for guests every time they stay with us.

ModernHaus SoHo.

Lobby with art by Harland Miller, photo by Nikolas Koenig, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

WW: Tell us about the idea behind the hotel’s new restaurant. Why did it replace Veranda with this new concept?

JJS: Nestled between the vibrant districts of SoHo and Tribeca, Twenty Three Grand emerges as a distinctive addition to the dynamic culinary landscape. Guided by the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Ashley Rath, known for her contributions to esteemed kitchens like Saint Theo’s, Gramercy Tavern, Major Food Group’s The Grill, and Santina, our menu redefines classics with a sophisticated twist infused with Mediterranean influences. With Twenty Three Grand, our aspiration is to establish a dining haven celebrated by both New York locals and visitors, transcending into a household name for culinary excellence.

ModernHaus SoHo

Photo by Evan Sung, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

A Collaborative Approach to Wellness

WW: The wellness pop-ups take the place of what would be a spa at the hotel, which is a great way to provide amenities to the guests. Why did you want to partner with these brands? What might we see from future partnerships?

JJS: Located on the 17th floor of ModernHaus SoHo is the Haus of Glow, a wellness pop-up curated in collaboration with HigherDOSE, Edge Theory Labs, and TAN-LUXE. Marking the second consecutive year of partnership with HigherDOSE, we offer their Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, providing guests with an alternative and rejuvenating wellness encounter. Recognizing the evolving landscape of wellness trends, we’ve broadened our offerings by teaming up with brands that share a commitment to holistic biohacking wellness and introduced TAN-LUXE, a leading self-tanning brand offering their inaugural consumer-facing spray tan experience, and Edge Theory Labs, the creator of The Edge Tub—the world’s first fully portable, self-cooling, self-cleaning ice bath.

HigherDOSE’s Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna uses nature-inspired technologies to stimulate the production of feel-good chemicals in the body, including Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. When combined with a cold plunge system, the benefits extend to enhanced mood, decreased inflammation and muscle soreness, improved recovery and physical performance, a strengthened immune system, enhanced resilience, and better stress management. Embracing this combination allows guests to experience detoxification and a profound sense of rejuvenation. Personally, I integrate a daily cold plunge into my routine, and it has become an indispensable part of my day.

As we look into the future, we are excited to continue to offer guests alternative wellness experiences that are changing the wellness space and finding a way to integrate these trends into the DNA of the hotel.

Courtesy to ModernHaus SoHo.

Photo by Nikolas Koenig, courtesy to ModernHaus SoHo.

WW: Of what importance do you see wellness in 2024?

JJS: As we step into 2024, I believe that wellness will remain a pivotal aspect of our daily lives. The trajectory of the wellness industry over the past years is set to soar even higher. Amidst the ever-changing trends, one enduring theme is transformative wellness—the pursuit of becoming the best version of oneself from the inside out. I anticipate a sustained emphasis on this concept, motivating our collaboration with brands like HigherDOSE, Edge Theory Labs, and TAN-LUXE. Together, we’ve crafted a biohacking wellness circuit at the forefront, urging our guests to unleash their inner glow.

ModernHaus SoHo

Photo by Evan Sung, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

Mediterranean Flavors at Twenty Three Grand

WW: Chef Ashley, how would you describe your approach to the menu at Twenty Three Grand?

ASHLEY RATH: Crafting the menu for Twenty Three Grand was a journey fueled by diverse inspirations, notably drawing from the cherished recipes of my mother. The vision was to seamlessly fuse classic dishes with global flavors, resulting in elevated selections for everyone to enjoy. The culmination is a collection of dishes that exude both freshness and familiarity, each tailored as the ideal accompaniment for any occasion.

WW: The menu is Mediterranean-inspired. How does this area of the world particularly inspire you and the restaurant’s plates?

AR: Harmonizing with Mediterranean flavors seamlessly inspired my vision for the menu. My goal was to elevate what many consider as “comfort dishes” by infusing them with a distinctive Mediterranean flair. The menu showcases this culinary fusion through enticing options such as Fried Green Olives, the Zucchini Tower adorned with crispy chips and tzatziki, and the Crudité ensemble featuring three house-made dips—guacamole, Thousand Island, and spiced chickpea. Each dish on the menu is fun with flavor and is occasion-worthy, whether it be for drinks and light bites or a full meal.

ModernHaus SoHo

Photo by Evan Sung, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

Twenty Three Grand’s Not-Miss Dishes

WW: What’s the perfect dinner-for-two order for those dining at the restaurant on Valentine’s Day?

AR: To indulge in the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner-for-two at Twenty Three Grand, start with the signature Twenty Three Grand Caviar Service, showcasing spicy tuna and homemade tater tots. For the main course, savor the Cherry Pomodoro with angel hair and Sicilian olive oil, or relish in the Filet Mignon with au poivre sauce. Explore the enticing “For Two” section with the Porterhouse, served with cou-cou, chermoula, and crispy shallots. Conclude your evening with a touch of sweetness—choose the timeless Flourless Chocolate Cake or the Build-Your-Own Chipwich for a playful treat.

ModernHaus SoHo.

Haus of Glow, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.

HigherDOSE’s Research-Driven Wellness

WW: Katie, can you share details on HigherDOSE’s wellness ethos, seen at ModernHaus SoHo but in the brand’s product offerings, too?

KATIE KAPS: HigherDOSE is committed to making efficacious, accessible wellness technology inspired by nature’s healing elements with Red Light, PEMF, and Infrared therapies. To DOSE is a lifestyle. We provide rituals, products, and education that help you hack happy chemicals of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins to get high—naturally. Our locations offer the best-in-class holistic spa experience, while the products let you bring the spa into your home or on the go.

WW: What is it presenting at ModernHaus SoHo, and why? How does this offering speak to what the brand does best?

KK: Modernhaus is a strong partner for us, offering luxury amenities and adjacent hospitality in the heart of New York City’s iconic SoHo neighborhood. Their integration of Edge Theory cold plunge tubs within our Infrared spa rooms offers contrast therapy to further up your DOSE. Modernhaus has its finger on the pulse of wellness hospitality, making it a perfect fit for our consumers.

HigherDOSE at Home

WW: What products do you recommend to those who want to try HigherDOSE at home in 2024?  

KK: Our Sauna Blanket is a great entry product that replicates the infrared spa experience, offering a 45-minute sweat session at home. If detoxification is your goal, our Shape Fitness Award Winning blanket is your new nightly ritual! For daily recovery, the PEMF Mat Pro and Go Mat are perfect for reducing inflammation, stress, and hacking rest and digest states. If you’re seeking improved skin tone, texture, and boosted mood, our LED Face Mask and Neck Enhancer are beauty biohacking tools that only require ten minutes three times a week to ignite inner radiance and collagen production.

ModernHaus SoHo.

Twenty Three Grand, photo by Nikolas Koenig, courtesy of ModernHaus SoHo.



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