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Belvedere Vodka

Social Spotlight: How Laolu Senbanjo, the Latest Belvedere Collaborator, Treats Social Media Like Art

Today, visual artist, musician, and activist Laolu Senbanjo launches a limited-edition bottle with Belvedere Vodka—an elaboration on his signature artistic style using white paint and his mantra “Everything is my canvas.” Over the past few years, the Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist has partnered with fashion brands and art events, has created murals, and painted musicians like Beyoncé for music videos.

For the debut, the brand is celebrating its unveiling tonight at the Whitney Museum of American Art. In addition, the brand is continuing is support with the (RED) organization to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa—a cause (BELVEDERE) RED has been supporting for eight years. With this launch, Senbanjo continutes to combine two passions he strongly believes in—the love of art and helping others in need.

Belvedere Vodka Courtesy of Laolu Senbanjo and Belvedere Vodka.

In celebration, Whitewall spoke with Senbanjo for its Social Spotlight column about social media, and how online activity is an art form to be used for engaging, archiving, and inspiration.

WHITEWALL: Who do you follow?

Belvedere Vodka Courtesy of Laolu Senbanjo and Belvedere Vodka.

LAOLU SENBANJO: Friends of mine that have been with me since day one and friends who have joined along the way, including @themuhammadatta @thecannonphotography @reignglobal @chidofauxreal. and those who’ve supported me, and made my dreams a reality like @belvederevodka.

WW: What is your #1 tip for social media?

Laolu Senbanjo Courtesy of Laolu Senbanjo.

LS: Treat it like an artwork.  Curate it well.  Keep it simple.  If it doesn’t make sense, delete it or archive it.  Use it to build your brand, engage, then get off because you gotta keep creating.

WW: Do you have a favorite social media interaction?

Courtesy of Laolu Senbanjo and Belvedere Vodka.

LS: I love going live and playing music.  It’s my therapy, truly.  Making and playing music soothes my soul.

WW: What’s one rule you live by on social media?

Belvedere Vodka Courtesy of Laolu Senbanjo and Belvedere Vodka.

LS: Try and see through the facade.  Don’t use it as a judge to live by.  It’s great to use as a tool for inspiration but you have to remember social media is not real life.  Often, it’s art, it’s a living museum in some ways; but in other ways it can be a distraction.  So, I try and keep my social media as authentic as possible and purposeful.





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