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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Courtesy of Drago Persic.
Courtesy of Deborah Sengl.
Courtesy of Renate Bertlmann.
Courtesy of Drago Persic.

Supporting Emerging Viennese Art at Max Brown Hotel

By whitewall

January 28, 2020

At the Max Brown Hotel 7th District in Vienna, you can find way more than just typical hotel decor. What makes this establishment particularly unique is its notable Vienna Art Collection, which can challenge any of the city’s most noteworthy galleries.

The hotel’s artistic vision keeps in line with its founding group, Sircle Collection, led by Liran Wizman, who is a particularly passionate art collector himself. So, it’s no surprise that this art collection aims to boast and support Vienna’s burgeoning art scene.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Drago Persic.

Curated by London-based art consultant Idit Orni, the collection features nearly 500 original and specially-commissioned art pieces, all created by contemporary Viennese artists. Within the innovative collection, you can find anything from alluring works by Renate Bertlmann to fine art prints by Nick Oberthaler and Deborah Sengl.

To learn more about the collection, we spoke with Orni.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Deborah Sengl.

WHITEWALL: What was your vision in curating the collection at Max Brown Hotel 7th District?

IDIT ORNI: To create a collection which presents the best of what Vienna’s contemporary art scene has to offer and to enable our guests to experience another cultural aspect of Vienna. Art is part of Sircle Collection’s DNA, and in every hotel of the group, we create an art collection by the city’s local artists.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Renate Bertlmann.

WW: How did you choose which artists to feature?

IO: We chose the artworks by their merits and qualities, and chose to represent artists across all generations, from emerging, mid-career and well-established artists.

WW: Can you tell me more about some of the iconic pieces in the collection?

IO: The iconic series of works by Renate Bertlmann’s “Tender Touches” from 1976, which still looks so fresh and relevant. Bertlmann represented Austria in Venice Biennale last year, so it’s a great honor to have her included in the collection.

WW: What do you hope people will take away from the collection?

IO: I hope the collection will become a cultural destination and visitors will make it a must-visit spot while in Vienna.



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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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