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The Cartier High Jewelry Nature Sauvage Collection Reimagines Animal Iconography

May 28th under the direction of Jacqueline Karachi, Cartier unveiled a new High Jewellery collection in Vienna, Austria.

The latest Cartier high jewelry collection, Nature Sauvage, presents a new style of its iconic animal motifs—freely varied and figurative, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and imagination. The collection debuted on May 28 in the 19th-century Renaissance-style pavilion venue, Kursalon Hübner in Vienna, Austria. An enchanting evening filled with striking beauty at MAK Museum where Cartier held the collections Gala with a jewelry show styled by designer Johnathan Ailwood. Among the attendees were Cartier Ambassadors Sophia Coppola, Elle Fanning, Anna Sawai, and RAYA, spotted in past Cartier high jewelry collections.

A New Perspective on Cartier High Jewelry Animals

“A new perspective on the Cartier animals to surprise, amaze and bring modernity by way of unexpected encounters,” said Creative Director Jacqueline Karachi.

Utilizing the classically elegant architectural rooms Kursalon Hübner provides, the journey of the Nature Sauvage collection unfolded in three parts, encapsulating the new environments in which Cartier animals break free. The spirit of the collection was emulated throughout the exhibit with open light and a bright palette, reflecting the re-birth in Cartier’s animals. The breathtaking 87 piece collection was complemented by organic elements in the scenography, laying out the landscape of the Cartier’s storytelling.

“Expressive jewelry which showcases the attitudes and personality of an animal, its vitality,” said Karachi.

Courtesy of Cartier

Nature Sauvage Reimagines the Iconic Cartier Panthère

Nature Sauvage offers new perspectives on Cartier’s well-known motifs. Stacking on the bold dimensionality of each design, the collection alludes to a new incredible flare of architecture to bring out wild personalities.

PANTHÈRE JAILLISSANTE is one of many Cartier’s panther motifs reimagined in Nature Sauvage. The three-dimensional bracelet-ring is made in the form of a hybrid jewel. Made out of white gold, the tamed panther brings out a fierce energy with its subtle elegant gestures. Encrusted in Diamonds, the slender limbs are flecked in Blue Sapphire spots with Emerald beating eyes. The anatomy of the panther reinforces the power in which the animal holds as expert precision was needed throughout the craftsmanship.

PANTHÈRE JAILLISSANTE, courtesy of Cartier

TATSU NECKLACE magnifies the positive value the Chinese dragon holds while encapturing the fire behind its piercing Emerald eyes. Made with Rubies and Oxyn, the contrast of red and black within the scales are to signify the characteristic of Asian arts and Cartier’s mansion color palette. The silhouette of the dragon instills a striking energy of beauty and passion throughout the piece.

“Like an actor, it plays with graphics, with volume and optical illusions, blending into an imaginary landscape,” said Karachi.

TATSU NECKLACE, courtesy of Cartier

A Gala to Celebrate Nature Sauvage at MAK Museum

Concluding the succession of Nature Sauvage, time stopped at MAK Museum taking in the collection at hand. Surrounded by the rich architecture and contemporary art the museum provides, each piece shined on the runway possessing its bold-elegant attitude. The runway featured staple pieces, including the TATSU NECKLACE and the PANTHÈRE JAILLISSANTE hybrid jewel.

Cartier TATSU NECKLACE in runway show, courtesy of Cartier

The evening Gala was filled with excitement as Cartier’s friends and company ambassadors enjoyed the celebrations ahead. A choreographed performance by Arthur Cadre and recital by Italian tenor Fabio Sartori followed. The essence of art and history was captured signifying all throughout the night embarking on the city of Vienna’s richness in history and culture.

Nature Sauvage is a collection that transforms what is known to redefine the brilliance of Cartier’s animal motifs. It pulls forth a new era in Cartier’s High Jewelry Collections to imagine beyond original intentions and to be inspired by the attitudes of the fabulous animals to elevate their stories.

“This is the spirit of Nature Sauvage,” said Jacqueline Karachi.

Cartier Courtesy of Cartier





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