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The Snow Lodge

The Snow Lodge Reimagines Its Creative Home in Aspen

At the base of Aspen Mountain each winter season, The St. Regis Aspen Resort plays home to The Snow Lodge. Realized by hospitality leader Jayma Cardoso, the annual pop-up space is regarded for its vivacious crowd, its luxurious food and beverage offerings, and its unforgettable ambiance—a chalet-like space adorned in velvet banquets, dotted by esteemed art. Weekends are abuzz with champagne-fueled brunches while visitors around the clock can take in the world-renowned art collection filled with paintings, installations, sculptures, and more.

The Snow Lodge Alex Katz, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

Recently, The Snow Lodge unveiled a redesigned space by the architect Antonio Di Oronzo of Bluarch, revealing a vibrant vision that evokes comfort and fun. In the updated supper club portion of the property, green linear banquettes are seen cozying up to gradient pastel walls with arched surfaces, which were installed on a textured background. Complementing the unmissable colors and textures are unforgettable lighting design pieces—like crystal sconces, an Art Deco chandelier, French honeycomb floor lamps, and Achille Castiglioni‘s Arco lamps—as well as furniture pieces like mid-century lounge chairs and a coffee table by William Andrus. A sumptuous new Italian menu by the Culinary Director, Robert Sieber, is offered, too.

The Snow Lodge Richard Phillips, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

Art at The Snow Lodge remains central this year with a special partnership with Casterline|Goodman Gallery, adorning the walls with unmissable work by Alex Katz, Richard Serra, Stanley Whitney, Jim Dine, David Yarrow, Rafa Macaron, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Alison Van Pelt, and more. Other works on view—like paintings by Gagosian‘s Richard Phillips; lighting sculptures by Anthony James; sculptures by Spencer Hansen; and creations by Sky Gallery‘s Strange Dirt—illuminate each corner.

The Snow Lodge Strange Dirt, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

In addition to the supper club area, the tented portion of the property was reimagined in partnership with the champagne house Nicolas Feuillatte. The look and concept of the space—previously referred to as the “Red Room”—is now known as the “Blue Room.” Created to provide a luxurious après ski experience, decored by luxurious velvet furniture from TOV, the Blue Room now features a special Nicolas Feuillatte champagne bar and a deletable caviar menu.

In celebration of The Snow Lodge’s luxurious art-forward makeover, Whitewall spoke with Cardoso and Robert Casterline of Casterline|Goodman to hear how the space creates an unforgettable experience.

The Snow Lodge Jayma Cardoso, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WHITEWALL: How did you work with the architect Antonio Di Oronzo for the redesign of The Snow Lodge? 

JAYMA CARDOSO: Antonio is a true master of his craft, and I really admired several incredible projects he’s been behind, particularly Spring Place. I had an inherent trust with him and knew from the beginning he had a deep understanding of the overall atmosphere I wanted to achieve, and as such, I really gave creative control. I had no doubts I would love the end result, but he honestly delivered far surpassed my expectations.

WW: How do the materials and colors—like pastels, arched surfaces, and rich, layered textures—play into the atmosphere, creating an experience and not just a space in a hotel?

JC: The idea behind the redesign was to create a vibrant atmosphere with an elegant demeanor that felt warm and welcoming, a place where people could come fresh off the slopes in their ski gear. I wanted the art on display to remain the discreet centerpiece of the property, and I think we achieved that. We layered materials and textures with furniture classics for a comfortable and fun space and kept the color structural while adding softness and fluidity. Antonio brilliantly accomplished giving each design element its own voice while still blending harmoniously.

WW: What’s special about seeing design objects and esteemed artworks in dialogue with one another at once, at The Snow Lodge?

JC: Striving to create the best guest experience is behind everything that we do. I love curating an environment that is a bit unexpected and something that will spark curiosity when people come in. I often achieve this by mixing a variety of creators into my properties, from various furniture designers to an array of artists, and The Snow Lodge is no exception. I never want a cookie cutter space and aim to create a unique environment that feels effortless and congruently blends.

The Snow Lodge Richard Phillips, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: Robert, how did you approach curating the art seen at The Snow Lodge? Why did you choose these artists?

ROBERT CASTERLINE: Intrigued by the artwork of world-renowned photographer David Yarrow, whom we represent exclusively in Aspen, The Snow Lodge reached out to our director Natalie Antoine to discuss featuring his artwork in their newly redesigned space. Upon meeting Natalie—who unveiled our additional list of renowned artists from our primary and secondary collections—The Snow Lodge and Casterline|Goodman Gallery both worked together to select a variety of artworks from additional artists including Alison Van Pelt and Alex Katz. 

We chose artists based on exhibitions that we were doing in Aspen this winter, along with a few investment pieces from our gallery. Having two locations in Aspen and an extensive collection in both primary and secondary artwork allowed us to pull from a large selection of available works. 

We love partnering with aligning brands/companies in and out of Aspen, we always like it to be a win-win situation and partnering with The Snow Lodge was a no brainer. 

The Snow Lodge Frank Stella and Anthony James, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: How do you feel the art changes when seen in a hotel, opposed to a traditional art gallery setting?

RC: In a hotel environment, the guests get to see what living with the artwork is like because it’s usually placed in living room or dining room situations. The atmosphere and the guest experience offered at The Snow Lodge is so memorable. Casterline|Goodman Gallery is honored to be a part of the magic that is so specific to The Snow Lodge. 

We of course welcome guests in Aspen to come experience our two Aspen galleries and see our collection of incredible artists in a traditional gallery setting and experience the artwork without any distraction.

The Snow Lodge Anthony James, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: Do you see the art’s context change when experienced in a public place? How so?

RC: Absolutely. When we display our artwork in a beautiful setting such as The Snow Lodge, it definitely does accentuate the work itself and the viewer’s experience of the artwork. For example, the movement in Alison Van Pelt’s paintings is accentuated in a setting such as The Snow Lodge and her work has many layers that can only truly be seen in person. The timelessness of Alex Katz’s work shines especially bright in this space. 

One of the challenges of having artwork in public places, is having guests know that our artwork is for sale, so we will take this opportunity here to remind readers and visitors that these are available for purchase.  

WW: Jayma, do you have a favorite work on view?

JC: Every piece of art I display resonates with me, whether that be emotionally or aesthetically, so in a way, they’re all my favorites for different reasons. I was so moved by the Alex Katz painting of his wife; I found it unbelievingly romantic and felt like it was just a piece that radiated love. I decided to have it be the main focal point in our supper club, hoping it would bring guests the same emotions as it did me.

The Snow Lodge. Alex Katz, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: The Snow Lodge is also unveiling a new Italian supper menu for the winter season by Culinary Director, Robert Sieber. What can diners expect?

JC: This year’s menu is by far my favorite and our best culinary offerings yet, focusing on Northern and Central Italian dishes, primarily from Tuscany. We have some spectacular items, including a classic bone-in veal chop and a bistecca, that are great for sharing with larger groups. Additionally, there are options a bit lighter in fare, such as our vegetarian lasagna made with a green-spinach dough typical of Bologna.

The Snow Lodge Richard Serra, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: You’re celebrated for hosting collaborations between your properties and an array of companies—from wellness, fashion, and car brands to art galleries musicians, and spirits labels. When does collaboration make sense for you? Is there a certain type of chemistry you look for?

JC: I operate by a simple cardinal rule regarding this. I must personally love or appreciate any experiential element that we integrate into our properties. It has to feel authentic and be something that enhances our guest experience.

WW: You have art and music in many of your spaces, if not all. When did your interest in art begin? What do you personally like to surround yourself with at home? 

JC: I loved art as long as I can remember beginning with my childhood growing up in Brazil and being enamored with the vibrant murals and favela graffiti that surrounded me. My living space is minimalist and comprised of mostly neutral tones; I wanted an environment that felt serene and free from too many objects or clutter. The artwork in my New York apartment fits this vibe and is a mix of a wide array of artists, much like my properties, such as Max Snow, Raphael Mazzucco, Brandon Boyd, Richard Phillips, and Dustin Yellin.

The Snow Lodge Courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: Who’s on the music lineup for the winter season? 

JC: Music is so deeply rooted in our DNA, and I am thrilled with Aspen’s lineup this season. We are excited to welcome back many of our favorite returning acts, such as Skylar Grey, Sofi Tukker, Bob Moses, and Zedd, along with several new ones like Orville Peck, Lauv, and Polo & Pan.

WW: Also at the property is a pop-up of Gigi Hadid’s new Guest in Residence cashmere line, which makes sense given the cozy and luxurious atmosphere of Aspen during winter. What was it like working with the brand to create this special pop-up offering?

JC: As one might expect, it gets frigid in Aspen, and you can’t have enough layers, so our Guest In Residence hoodies and sweaters are pretty fitting. It was a very synergetic relationship as Gigi’s Guest in Residence Co-Founder, Isaac Ross, is a longtime friend. I was super impressed with the brand and the quality of product they produce, heirloom pieces intended to last a lifetime. Gigi loved the idea of creating something attached to a special place where you have great memories, and that was really the focus behind the collaboration.

The Snow Lodge Rafa Macarron, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.

WW: Once the snow thaws in Aspen, what are you working on this summer? Gearing up for another glorious Montauk summer at The Surf Lodge?

JC: I am so excited for the summer months ahead as we will be celebrating The Surf Lodge’s 15th Anniversary! I look forward to creating some extra special moments in honor of the occasion and toasting with many of our guests who have been frequenting the property from the beginning.

WW: Robert, what’s on view at the gallery next?RC: We are honored to now represent Tyler Shields and look forward to showing his work this summer. In addition we look forward to exhibiting the work of Danielle Procaccio and Nick Moss this summer.

The Snow Lodge David Yarrow, courtesy of The Snow Lodge.




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