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Courtesy of The Rockaway Hotel.

The Rockaway Hotel Hosts Artist Table Dinner Series

Combining hospitality, culinary, and performance art at The Rockaway Hotel

Tonight at The Rockaway Hotel, a dinner series named “Artist’s Table” will take place. Combining the expert techniques of New York chefs and trailblazing artists, the immersive experience is designed to create a communal, one-of-a-kind dining ambiance to celebrate the intersection of food and art, and community and gathering.

Courtesy of The Rockaway Hotel.

A collaboration between Lev and Beach Sessions at The Rockaway Hotel

For the happening’s final iteration, it will feature Sasha Okshteyn—a Creative Producer, and Founder of Beach Sessions Dance Series, and Lev’s Chef Daniel Soskolne. Okshteyn, a Rockaway Beach resident, presents dance works in the seaside area, regularly invigorating New York’s public beach with the popular outdoor dance festival model known elsewhere. Since its inception in 2015, it has presented more than 60 artists to an audience of over 5,000 people.

In addition to Okshteyn, special attendees will include Cecilia Dean, David Selig, Eli Libman, Patricia Lent, the dancers Morgan Griffin and Chaery Moon, the hotel’s artist-in-residence Zain Alam.

The Rockaway Hotel Photo by Alicia Mersy, courtesy of The Rockaway Hotel.

A start in creative expression at The Rockaway Hotel

Soskolne joins from the culinary side, taking guests on a journey through his background and influences—from Tel Aviv to New York. Born and raised in Israel, he was inspired at an early age by his cultural surroundings. After cooking under renowned Israeli Chef Eyal Shani at HaSalon in Tel Aviv, he moved to New York, combining his backgrounds, values, and life’s work into food offered at Lev, which honors the traditions of Jewish immigrants and Palestinians with a blended cuisine of simple ingredients. 

The Rockaway Hotel Courtesy of The Rockaway Hotel.

The final “Artist’s Table” of the Summer

“Artist’s Table” will pair Beach Session’s site-specific dance performance with Lev’s unforgettable flavors to highlight Rockaway Beach’s elements. Celebrating the area’s beauty and nature, the activation will also be commemorated by merchandise created by Okshteyn, with partial proceeds donated to Beach Sessions.

The Rockaway Hotel Courtesy of The Rockaway Hotel.




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