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Sessions Art Club in London

Where to Eat and Sip: Best London Restaurants and Bars 2023

Erica Silverman

13 October 2023

The Best Restaurants & Bars in London 2023

While experiencing the joys of London Art Week and Frieze London this fall, Whitewall recommends making time for refreshing interludes at these top culinary and beverage havens.

The Audley Public House Interior

Courtesy of The Audley Public House.

The Audley Public House

No trip to Mayfair is complete without a visit to the meticulously restored Audley Public House. Newly transformed by Artfarm, the historic Edwardian pub serves classic and delicious pub fare within a regal and avant-garde space. Paris-based design and architecture firm Laplace has preserved the rich forms of the timeless and welcoming space, while integrating bold flourishes of contemporary art. British artist Phyllida Barlow was specially commissioned to create a ceiling of brightly-colored mosaics, while charming works including Rodney Graham’s A Glass of Beer (2005) and Don McCullin’s Bradford couple having tea (1970 c.) grace the polished interior. An in-house piano hosts a regular lineup of skilled musicians, whose bewitching melodies can be heard onto Mayfair’s bustling Mount Street. 

Whitewaller recommends: Tucking into a pint directly from Sambrook’s Brewery in Battersea—along with Executive Chef Jamie Shears’s famous Scotch eggs. 

Sessions Art Club in London

Courtesy of Sessions Art Club.

Sessions Art Club 

Situated in dynamic Clerkenwell, Sessions Art Club unfolds as a vibrant paradise in the historic judges’ dining room at Sessions House. The Grade II listed structure includes an opulent dining room encircled by three terraces with lavish hearths, a modern rooftop bar, and a verdant garden. The innovative space is also home to a rotating art and performance program which uplifts and inspires with each passing season. The main dining room, embellished with gilded arches, blossoming greenery, and compelling artworks, serves ever-evolving gourmet dishes. 

Whitewaller recommends: Ending the night on a sweet note by sampling the honey tart topped with créme fraîche. 

Petersham Nurseries Restaurant in London

Courtesy of Petersham Nurseries Restaurant.

Petersham Nurseries Restaurant 

The Michelin Green-Starred Petersham Nurseries Restaurant is an otherworldly greenhouse dining experience nestled in the ravishing town of Richmond. Since 2002, the Boglione Family has nurtured the environmentally progressive and chic Shangri-la of Petersham Nurseries, offering visitors exquisite, ethically sourced cuisine within an ethereal mise-en-scene. Awarded the Michelin Green Star for three stunning years in a row, visitors may view the perfected Kitchen garden, a tapestry of fresh seasonal vegetables, before entering the bountiful outdoor dining room. Under an umbrella of aromatic jasmine, colorful bougainvillea, and dramatic vines, a spectacle of sustainability takes place. 

Whitewaller recommends: Beginning your evening under the stars with the Cornish Crab, garnished with Lemon Aioli & Dill atop Endive. 

Manteca restaurant in London

Courtesy of Manteca.


With a much-anticipated opening on November 16, Manteca will bring nose-to-tail cooking, hand-rolled pastas, and an in-house salumeria to effervescent Shoreditch. The latest residency of Chef Chris Leach and his deft team draw from the visionary’s delectable journeys through Italy, presenting innovative dishes in a quietly cinematic space. The tranquil dining room, designed by Box 9 Architects, utilizes vast windows to bring warm, natural light into the welcoming interior. Blonde wood furniture and organic materials lend an atmosphere of peaceful bliss, while the open central kitchen and wood-fired oven inspire soulful exchanges. Sumptuous lunches and dinners will commence with wild-farmed grain focaccia and sourdough served with whipped brown butter. Starters will range from fried ciccioli to clam flatbread, giving way to family-style dishes like house-made Stracciatella and chicken offal frittata.

Whitewaller recommends: Sipping on the house amaro cocktails, featuring a singular infusion of artichoke leaves and chamomile. 

Ikoyi Hibiscus & Fermented Scotch Bonnet

Photo by Irina Boersma, courtesy of Ikoyi.


Since opening in 2017 at 180 Strand, the enchanting Ikoyi restaurant has received two Michelin stars for its ingenious, spice-based cuisine. Chef Director Jeremy Chan and Managing Director Iré Hassan-Odukale fuse optimal British produce with a global lineup of ingredients and exhilarating seasonal flavors. Danish architect and designer David Thulstrup infuses a skilled layering of copper, stone, steel mesh, leather, and oak into the richly modern and sensual landscape. A first-class tasting menu is served for lunch on Friday and for dinner Monday through Friday, while a more concise tasting lunch menu is available Wednesday and Thursday. 

Whitewaller recommends: Balancing an extraordinary meal with a selection from the meticulously-curated wine list — highlighting delicious, hidden gems from around the world. 

Cafe Cecilia in London

Courtesy of Cafe Cecilia.

Café Cecilia 

Max Rocha’s graceful Café Cecilia was deeply inspired by his homeland of Ireland and the nourishing cooking of his mother Odette. The graceful restaurant, founded by the brother of fashion designer Simone Rocha, is nestled in lively Hackney, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a quaint and minimalistic space. Thoughtfully designed by Eibhlín Doran, alluring black and white photographs rest on the walls, while natural wood tables and chairs invite visitors to unwind and savor the moment. Industrial light fixtures emit a bright, clean warmth to the intimate restaurant, serving heavenly dishes from Rosie’s Egg and Cheese Sandwich to Grilled Monkfish with Romero Peppers, Lentils, Anchovy and Olive. 

Whitewaller recommends: Indulging in the Deep-Fried Bread & Butter Pudding with Cold Custard. 



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Inviting the audience to feel, touch, and experience art in its most dynamic state is “When Forms Come Alive” at Hayward Gallery.
Gerhard Richter's body of work showcased at David Zwirner London delves into the transcendent nature of art.


Go inside the worlds
of Art, Fashion, Design,
and Lifestyle.