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Ava Rollins

Whitewall Presents: Three Art World Influencers and The Search for Timeless Beauty

La Prairie is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Skin Caviar collection, and with it, the launch of the latest edition to the Skin Caviar Ritual: the Absolute Filler. The new product reverses the loss of volume in the face brought on by aging, returning the visage to a fuller shape. The Absolute Filler restores a look of harmony, an essential element in La Prairie’s quest to achieve timeless beauty.

With that theme in mind, Whitewall Presents asked three women whose work is defined by the search for beauty—in the art world, that is—to put the Absolute Filler to the test. Tiana Webb Evans, Ava Rollins, and Lauren Prakke applied the skin-plumping product twice daily for a few weeks, and each noticed a visible change in fullness to the face. Here’s what these art world influencers had to say.

Ava Rollins Left: Ava Rollins, photo by Art Home Garden™. Right: “Country essentials…La Prairie, blue skies and my native bunny and deer families!”

“Receiving a box from La Prairie like feels like Christmas on a random day of the year. The experience starts with the package design. As someone who lives in both art and design worlds, the physical experience of the container is also an important part of the product experience, somewhat like a preview or forward. Needless to stay, every time you pick up the bottle you know something special is going to happen.

I religiously used the Absolute Filler for the last few weeks, applying day and night as instructed and was pleasantly surprised. As someone who believes that skin care is 80% what you consume, I admit I was skeptical. After a month of late work nights, cocktails, and lots of flying, I would normally look bedraggled after consecutive nights of debauchery (along with taking care of children). By some skin care formula miracle, my skin defies my interior life with its blemish free dewy softness. I’m a convert.” —Tiana Webb Evans

Tiana Webb Evans Left: Tiana Webb Evans. Right: Webb Evan’s mother as a model, “I’ll tell it on the mountain top when he comes for me” by David Antonio Cruz, and Karen Aragon’s “Circle Stacked” sculpture.

Tiana Webb Evans is a​ marketing and communications professional and a key figure in the arts, advocating for diversity in the industry. She is the Founder & Managing Director of ESP PR, a public relations and brand strategy agency dedicated to championing agents of culture in the art and design industries. Prior to founding ESP, Tiana served as Communications Director at Phillips Auctioneers, a global corporation focused on the sale of Contemporary Art. She is on the board of Project for Empty Space Gallery and the Female Design Council, ​and a member of the Rush Gallery Artist Advisory Board, the Art21 Education Committee, Studio Society at the Studio Museum in Harlem, and ARTTABLE.

“The Swiss excel at the sweetest luxuries I’ve ever enjoyed, both to touch and to taste. La Prairie has always been a touchstone of beauty, trusted by me and some of my most selective clients. The skin caviar coats your skin without being too thick. It plumps and soothes, especially around the eyes and neck. It’s a must-have for fall travel and outdoor winter activities. I love the guilt-free decadence of applying it as part of my evening ritual!” —Ava Rollins

Lauren Prakke Courtesy of Lauren Prakke

As principal of public relations agency Ava Rollins & Associates, Rollins has worked in communications on a global scale since 2005. Schooled in political public relations, economics, art history, and medicinal herbalism, she is passionate about curating and sharing beautiful experiences. Her garden of clients come from the art, technology, non-profit, heritage, travel, racing, and holistic health sectors in the United States and the European Union. As a dual citizen of the U.S. and Germany, she specialized in collaborations across cultures, languages, and mediums. An occasional contributor to select news publications, she has appeared on national television programming and spoken on national radio news programs.

“My thoughts on La Prairie’s Absolute Filler? As Frida Kahlo said, ‘I love you more than my own skin.’” —Lauren Prakke

Lauren Prakke is a producer of cultural projects, art collector, founder of The Tate Young Patrons, theatre producer, writer, and is currently working on her first book about the creative scene in LA.





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