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Alesia Concept

Whitewaller Puglia 2020: Made in Puglia

Closing out the last weeks of summer, we bring you Whitewaller Puglia. Below, we bring you a  list of places and objects you’ll online find while in Southern Italy, created in partnership with Eleonora Betesh, founder of VIA Puglia Magazine.

Alesia Concept
A swimwear brand developed by Alessia Lochi; each piece is sewn by hand in Puglia by master women tailors following a minimalistic design code that Alessia creates herself. Colors are as fresh as classic skittles with smooth lines, flattering contours, and lightweight fabric that is also eco-friendly. The collection includes bikinis, one-piece suits, and matching surf-inspired swimwear. Orders are taken on request and shipped internationally.

Alesia Concept Courtesy of Alesia Concept.

Bernardo Palazzo
The Cisternino-born Apulian designer, Bernardo Palazzo, is fundamentally inspired by the abundance of nature around him, from massive cacti to the millennia-old olive trees. He began transforming cacti – a highly resistant plant that is essentially immortal–into full-size light installations and recently began referring to the historic lacemaking tradition to create massive handmade plates that adorn the public spaces of Cisternino–an artistic object that can easily add dimension to gardens and courtyards.

“I find it fascinating to deal with materials that have a sense of time, such as wood, iron, glass, wax. I work with light, to give shape to matter and create welcoming atmospheres, able to put every person at ease through contact with material and immaterial elements with which to weave an emotional bond.”

Bernardo Palazzo Courtesy of Bernardo Palazzo.

He is now working on a new installation that is set to take form in the countryside. Items are customized according to a client’s request.

A Lecce born-and-bred brand that provides clients with consulting services for interior design projects as well as the possibility to create custom-curated designs for residential and commercial projects. The team behind Kiasmo has an impressive portfolio of home décor that includes ceramics, dishware, accessories, furniture, and wallpaper. Their signature face illustrations and geometric patterns can also be found on wine and olive oil labels. Two boutiques in Lecce an online shop.

Bernardo Palazzo Courtesy of Bernardo Palazzo.

Nicola Introna
Originally from the Apulian capital city of Bari, fashion designer Nicola Introna worked for leading Italian fashion houses, before launching his own brand. He is one of the best-known figures in Puglia’s fashion-scape. His love of fashion was born in childhood when he began cutting fabric and painting by hand, watching his mother and aunt mastering the craft as tailors. Passion grew over time, and his interest took him to the north of Italy before heading back to Puglia, where he worked as a consultant for several important companies including Cesare Paciotti, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, and others. The self-taught artist continues to research materials and ideas to create his own work, born simply by living the development of fashion. His collection of outerwear is hand-painted and each piece is unique as it is inspired by the world around him–nightlife, food, music, language, and people; he began creating works for himself and it was not long before his close tribe of friends began asking for personalized designs. Clients can contact Introna for custom orders.


Bernardo Palazzo Courtesy of Bernardo Palazzo.






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