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Courtesy of AMEN Candles.

AMEN Candles Addresses the Plastic Problem with Mushrooms

For the return of Frieze in New York last week, AMEN Candles exhibited “Mushroom Conversations” at ANOTHER SPACE. The installation exploring a world without plastics has previously been on view at Galerie Kernweine in Stuttgart, Paris Dover Street Parfums Market, Design Miami, and Galeria del Paseo in Uruguay.

Installation view, Installation view, “Mushroom Conversations,” courtesy of Galeria del Paseo.

“As we look back on the eco-activist work by Latin American artists such as Gyulio Kosice, Juan Downey, Gordon Matta-Clark and Nicolás Uriburu, to contemporary artists David Brooks, Clarissa Tossin and Firelei Baez shown at ANOTHER SPACE’s exhibition Stayin’ Alive, we are encouraged by the fashion industry’s initiatives to make a more eco-friendly environment through Mushroom Conversations and AMEN Candles!” said ANOTHER SPACE Curator and Founder Estrellita Brodsky.

Courtesy of AMEN Candles. Courtesy of AMEN Candles.

AMEN is dedicated to developing new sustainable packaging solutions. Candles are shipped in carbon-negative packaging made from mycelium and agricultural waste.

“We refuse to use packaging that takes 500 years to decompose for a candle that only burns for 50 hours,” said founder Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez. “The Plastic problem is 100% economics, and because of this we can fix it and ensure a world without plastics by the next generation. When Plastics were invented in 1907 they were crazy expensive.

Through cost efficiency plastics became so cheap that now it is impossible to live one day without touching plastic. AMEN mushrooms carbon negative packaging is a manifesto to share biodegradable packaging alternatives. As a young brand starting in 2020 was a hard decision but we just could not have a 50 hours burn time candle take 500 years to decompose.” 

Installation view, Installation view, “Mushroom Conversations,” courtesy of Dover Street Market.

“Mushroom Conversations” further explores biodegradable packaging alternatives that are affordable and democratic to all, displaying AMEN mycelium packaging within the installation. 

Courtesy of AMEN Candles. Courtesy of AMEN Candles.

As a result, AMEN candles are the first candles to meet international net sustain guidelines of human, animal, and environmental welfare. Candles are now available worldwide and can be ordered online.




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