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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Isabela Grutman, courtesy of Rangel.
Courtesy of Rangel.
Isabela Grutman, courtesy of Rangel.
Isabela Grutman, courtesy of Rangel.
Isabela Grutman, courtesy of Rangel.

Rangel Celebrates Multi-Generational Female Empowerment with Organic Clothing

By Eliza Jordan

November 18, 2021

The Brazilian model, designer, and philanthropist Isabela Grutman has always loved fashion, but it wasn’t until she became a mother that she envisioned a new concept for kid’s clothing. Similar to adults, she believes children should have stylish options that are comfortable and functional, too. Her daughters, Kaia and Vida, are becoming expressive in what they want to wear, and she’s listening to their feedback to create new garments for her recently-launched label, Rangel

Titled after her maiden name, the brand celebrates effortless style with tropical prints and breezy, organic fabrics that are both practical and fashionable. For her first collection, Grutman designed an array of pieces in both adult and children sizes, including matching sets, wrap tops, dresses, and shorts that all embody playful, sophisticated style.

Whitewall spoke with Grutman to learn more about the foundation of her fashion label amid the pandemic, what her favorite pieces are, and how Rangel celebrates sustainable style and female empowerment for generations to come.

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Isabela Grutman, courtesy of Rangel.

WHITEWALL: Can you tell us a bit about the start of Rangel, and why you wanted to create this brand?

ISABELA GRUTMAN: I have always loved fashion and I studied fashion design, but because I worked so much in modeling I never took the time to create my own designs and inspirations and turn them into reality. Since quarantine started, I had some extra time and bought a new sewing machine to start making my daughters dresses. People saw the pieces I created and said I should start a brand, so I did. Rangel is everything I believe in—sustainability, female empowerment, and effortless, vacation-inspired style.

WW: How does being a mother impact your idea of style and fashion design?

IG: Being a mom made me realize that kids' clothing should be comfortable, cute, but also functional and easy. Sometimes I would get beautiful dresses for them as a gift but with really hard closures or that were uncomfortable for them to wear, and I never understood why designers would do that. My kids give me two seconds to put an outfit on them, so it has to be practical.

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Courtesy of Rangel.

WW: What aspects of your Brazilian roots and your Miami surroundings impact the label's designs?

IG: Living in Miami and being from Brazil, where there is a natural warmth and humidity, makes me always want to wear lightweight fabrics, so Rangel is all about that—light and fresh materials with a chic design.

WW: Are your daughters Kaia and Vida forming their own sense of style?

IG: Kaia only wants to wear dresses while Vida likes to experience more. When I designed this first collection it was a lot about what they like to wear, but also what I like to see them wearing.

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Isabela Grutman, courtesy of Rangel.

WW: Why did you choose the name Rangel?

IG: Rangel is my [maiden] last name. It came from my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. It is a name that reminds me of their power and strength.

WW: What is Rangel's relationship to organic and sustainable design?

IG: It's very important to me to have a brand that is sustainable, so in this collection, all the fabric is 100 percent organic and all the packaging is very well thought out to have a minimal impact on the environment.

WW: What's your favorite mini-and-me matching set so far? 

IG: I love the white floral Vida two piece and matching with the NY Summer pants and wrap top in the same print. 

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