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Zuecca Projects Proposes a Sustainable Revolution in Venice

The collaborative non-profit Zuecca Projects, leading interdisciplinary works in contemporary visual arts and architecture, presents the new series, Sustainable Revolution. Made up of seven projects by international designers and organizations, and on view in Squero Castello in Venice through November 21, it focuses on the relationship between architecture, design, and technology in an effort to create a more sustainable world

A-01 (A company / A Foundation), helmed by its lead architect Oliver Schütte, presents the No Footprint House, a new idea for integral residential sustainability. The No Footprint House prototype sits on the edge of a vast tropical rainforest along the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and responds to the surrounding environment using passive climate control through natural ventilation and solar shading. 

5_SustainableRevolution_OTTO Courtesy Otto and Zuecca Project Space

Led by professor and architect Bill Price, the Shotgun House – Over and Under is a reinterpretation of the shotgun houses built by once enslaved people emancipated during and following the American Civil War. A shotgun house is a narrow, one-story house with rooms lined back to back. Price re-imagined these buildings as two houses stacked on top of each other to utilize access to natural light, cross-ventilation, and economizing framing materials. 

Having received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the Blue Growth Farm is an efficient, economical, and eco-friendly multi-use offshore open sea farm. From a collective of 14 partners from five different EU countries, the Blue Growth Farm is based on floating structure models, where aquaculture and renewable energy production systems are integrated and engineered for applications in the open sea. 

1 SustainableRevolution Shotgun House Shotgun House – Over and Under, Photo by Kennon Evett, Courtesy Bill Prince and Zuecca Project Space

Designed with living in mind, OTTO by Dorian Grinspan, is a unique reimagining of the American suburb. Using modular builds, machine learning, and adaptive reuse, OTTO seeks to create a housing network that brings better access to community, affordability, and sustainability. 

Initially presented in 1997, Makrolab conceived by artist Marko Peljhan, is an architecture lab that explores global communication, weather and climate, and migration systems using open-source software development. Makrolab will be presented as a satellite self-portrait from space in addition to the model of the mkIIex architecture and its evolution.

4_SustainableRevolution_Novaxia’sWonderBuilding Novaxia’s Wonder Building, 3D rendering by MIR, Courtesy Coldefy and Zuecca Project Space

From the architect firm Coldefy, Novaxia’s Wonder Building is a roughly 290 square foot building made from concrete, metal, and wood, all chosen for their low carbon qualities, in addition to its cross laminated wooden floor and wooden pillars. The technical feat absorbs 739kg of CO2 during its use-cycle.

6_SustainableRevolution_CCD Creative Cluster Development, Courtesy CCD and Zuecca Project Space

The newly founded Creative Cluster Development is a creative industry accelerator with the mission of forming artistic hubs in vacant and closed buildings. Their work includes analyzing and negotiating with venues all over the world to make use of pre-existing building structures for artists to work and make a living. A percentage of revenue made by the Creative Cluster Development will be used to collaborate with crucial causes and NGOs all over the world. 

The Sustainable Revolution is hosted by the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. To attend, visit them here.

3_SustainableRevolution_NoFootprintHouse No Footprint House, Photo by Fernando Alda, Courtesy A-01, Oliver Schütte, and Zuecca Project Space
2_SustainableRevolution_TheBlueGrowthFarm The Blue Growth Farm, Courtesy of all partners and Zuecca Project Space




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