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WHITEWALL PRESENTS 1800 Tequila WITH 1800 Tequila

1800 Milenio Artists Series

1800 Tequila

1800 Milenio Artists Series

1800 Tequila Partners with Pedro Friedeberg for 1800 Milenio Artists Series

In celebration of World Art Day on April 15, 1800 Tequila has announced the inaugural U.S. iteration of its 1800 Milenio Artists Series with Pedro FriedebergFirst launched in 2017, prior iterations have sparked partnerships in Mexico with renowned artists who are connected to Mexican culture, including Fernando Garcia Correa, Eduardo Terrazas, Carlos Amorales, Inaki Bonillas, and Dario Escobar. 

1800 Milenio Artist Series x Pedro Friedeberg

Now, it introduces an collaboration with Friedeberg to pay homage to the company’s storied heritage and Mexican artistry. Only 1,800 bottles of the 1800 Milenio Artist Series x Pedro Friedeberg are now available in select stores and online, continuing the tequila brand’s dedication to culture and arts with a gorgeous bottle inspired by architecture and fundamental structures. 

Paying Homage to Art, Architecture, and Culture

1800Tequila. Pedro Freideburg, courtesy of 1800Tequila.

“When I was approached to be the inaugural featured artist to introduce the Milenio Artist Series to the U.S., I was honored to participate,” said Friedeberg. “I find the 1800 Milenio bottle very architecturally inspired, making it the perfect canvas to display one of my designs. The featured artwork draws inspiration from my early encounters with architecture, showcasing fundamental structures of thought and form, with elements that pay homage to pyramids and agave. Paired with the 1800 Milenio Tequila inside, this bottle captures the essence of Mexico and reflects a shared value for heritage and a commitment to driving culture forward.”

Whitewall spoke with Friedeberg to learn more about the partnership and his creative process behind the latest 1800 Tequila bottle.

Pedro Friedeberg’s Bottle for 1800 Tequila

1800Tequila. 1800Tequila x Pedro Freideburg, courtesy of 1800Tequila.

WHITEWALL: What were the main sources of inspiration for the bottle you designed for 1800 Tequila?

PEDRO FRIEDEBERG: The design reflects 1800 Tequila’s heritage and roots in Mexican culture as the artwork features a combination of lines, shapes, patterns and shading and it is complemented by the bold trapezoidal-shaped 1800 Milenio bottle. The feeling, the flavor, and the smell of 1800 Tequila, among other things, reminds me of the stone carvings of Mitla—the churches in the style of Churegueresque in Tonantzintla, Puebla—and the mosaics of Juan O’Gorman, as well as, the crazy combination of Aztec Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and the poetry of Guadalupe Amor materialized in buildings like Bellas Arte.

WW: Your practice focuses on surreal art. How does this collaboration express what your work is known for?

PF: Evidently, people have started shifting away from the masquerade of Conceptualism, Minimalism, and Abstractionism. In my art, they have discovered a message that is understandable, clear, and pleasant to the eye. I bring this focus to this new 1800 Milenio Artist Series collaboration. The featured artwork draws inspiration from my early encounters with architecture, showcasing fundamental structures of thought and form, with elements that pay homage to pre-Columbian pyramids and the agave.

Made in Mexico

1800Tequila. Pedro Freideburg, courtesy of 1800Tequila.

WW: You and 1800 Tequila share origins in Mexico and an admiration for its land, as well as a commitment to pushing culture forward. Did you feel that connection when working on this project?

PF: Of course! Because of our shared heritage, I will always have a connection to 1800 Tequila but it’s now strengthened through our work together for the 1800 Milenio Artist Series, especially with its commitment to amplifying Mexican heritage and Mexican-rooted artistry. It is important to promote culture to the new generations so they have broader horizons. With this collaboration, the hope is that the whole population of the world will become lovers of both 1800 Milenio Tequila and the land of Mexico.

What’s Next for Pedro Friedeberg

PF: I am working on several upcoming shows, and a release of three books. One of my letters, my artist book Ogolotac, and a book written by curators called Radial. Also, I am enjoying my art production in my studio in Roma Norte, working a lot with the symbol of the flower of life.



For its latest 1800 Milenio Artists Series, Whitewall spoke with the artist Pedro Friedeberg about his limited-edition bottle design.
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