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WHITEWALL PRESENTS WITH La Prairie Reawakens the Gaze
Namsa Leuba

Eyes in Focus

Namsa Leuba
La Prairie

Eyes in Focus

For the 2019 edition of Art Basel in Switzerland, luxury skincare brand La Prairie is presenting a three-part photography exhibition entitled “Eyes In Focus.”

La Prairie. Namsa Leuba,Nanihi II, courtesy of La Prairie.

“Eyes in Focus” unfolded as a natural theme once we were ready with our latest product innovation, Skin Caviar Eye Lift, which had indeed as focus area the eyes,” said Greg Prodromides, Chief Marketing Officer of La Prairie. “We strongly felt that the eyes were far more than the mirror of time passing—they are the mirror to the soul. For this reason, we decided that our Art Basel artistic theme had to convey the emotions, but also the power and beauty of the gaze. And as there is never only one way of seeing things, we quickly opted for a group show. In the end our three chosen Swiss female photographers were invited to give their own interpretation of the gaze—through their eyes.”

La Prairie. Daniela Droz, Résonance 02, courtesy of La Prairie.

Special for the presentation, unveiled in the Collectors Lounge, are enchanting works by three Swiss female photographers—Daniela Droz, Namsa Leuba, and Senta Simond—that explore the beauty and unique mystery behind the gaze.

All artists are graduates of the esteemed Lausanne University of Art and Design, an institution known for promoting Swiss creativity around the world, ranked among the world’s top ten universities of art, and embody a unique approach to contemporary photography. Individually, the trio also reflects La Prairie’s latest breakthrough innovation in the Skin Caviar collection and its ability to revive and redefine for a reawakened gaze.

La Prairie.
Senta Simond, Laura, courtesy of La Prairie.


“We are very excited to partner with Daniela, Namsa and Senta. Their pioneering works are in perfect harmony with La Prairie’s heritage of audacity. We firmly believe that it is essential to support and encourage young artists who are forward-thinking while remaining sensitive to the timelessness of art. As Swiss artists, their refined, minimal approach is completely in line with that of La Prairie’s aesthetic,” added Prodromides.

La Prairie. Courtesy of La Prairie.

“In making the deliberate choice to work with female artists, we also pay homage to the inimitable quality of the female gaze, interpreted by the perspective of women themselves. These artists break the codes of their chosen medium, just as La Prairie continues to break the codes of luxury skincare with unexpected creations,” Prodromides added.

Senta Simond Senta Simond, Lucia , 2019, courtesy of the artist and La Prairie.

Many say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and La Prairie agrees. “The area around the eyes is of particular concern to women because it is thin, fragile, and sensitive. It is commonly said that the eyes are the ambassadors of attractiveness,” said Prodromides. “In fact, research has shown that various characteristics of our eyes impact the perception of beauty. At La Prairie, we seek to empower women to hold time in their hands. In this quest, the eyes have to be treated with particular care and attention, to which we offer our unparalleled scientific expertise.”

La Prairie Daniela Droz,Résonance 01, courtesy of La Prairie.

For “Eyes In Focus,” photographer Daniela Droz confronted her subjects with their own emotions. Her photos were transformed into mirrors that reflect the viewer’s gaze onto themselves.

“For this project, I decided to try to interrogate the viewer’s gaze and turn it back on her. I sought to accentuate the idea of a new approach to photography which follows the principles of Constructivism or Bauhaus: with a new point of view, outside the generally accepted rules of perspective,” said Droz.

Namsa Leuba Namsa Leuba, Nanihi I, 2019, courtesy of the artist and La Prairie.

In Namsa Leuba’s work, she explored the expression of time with the image of the viewer’s own impression of it – through the testimony of their own experience. With a black-and-white technique complemented by a colourful background theme, the expression of the present moment is heightened. This duality is also a personal testament—a direct reflection of Leuba’s bi-cultural heritage.

“In approaching this collaboration around the theme of ‘Eyes In Focus,’ I wanted to illustrate the nature of emotions hidden in us and that attempt to come through the veil that covers them,” said Leuba.

La Prairie. Senta Simond, Lucia, courtesy of La Prairie.

For her series, Senta Simond shot up-close portraits of young women from her surroundings. The subjects are not models, but authentic and natural women of today. Here, the mysterious beauty of the subject’s gaze is immersive, as their eye travels over the portrait like a painting.

“For this series, I play with the gaze of my subjects by photographing them in different emotional states, reflecting different postures and attitudes,” said Simond. There is the ‘male gaze,’ which we tend to associate with objectification, and the ‘female gaze,’ which is usually linked with introspection. I hope with these works, that viewers are able to find some affinity with ‘my gaze.’”

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