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Flexform Designs for the Way We Live Today

Episode 1

June 03, 2021

The Next Level of Design and Comfort

The first thing that catches your eye is the base. A frame of sleek metal is punctuated by strips of rich leather, creating a playful pattern where you wouldn’t expect. A thin line of perfect piping leads your gaze upwards and along the plush cushions and backrest that make up Flexform’s new Gregory sofa. In look alone, it marries comfort and contemporary design like only the Italian designed house can. From the imagination of architect and designer Antonio Citterio, its unique personality and well-thought proportions can be found in its sister, the Gregory bed, featuring the same mix of metal and leather framing details, paired with a padded headboard.  

What centers the Gregory sofa and bed as the focal point of any living room or bedroom is its platform of webbing and expertly tailored upholstery and piping. These latest furniture pieces are prime examples of Flexform’s know-how, acumen for detail, and bespoke offerings. A third-generation family company, Flexform began in 1959 in the Brianza region of Northern Italy, known the world over for its Made in Italy craftsmanship. The region is rooted in over a century of unrivaled output from wood, metal, and upholstery master artisans. Generations of knowledge have fueled the creative output of Flexform, which now employs close to 150 people, and has collaborated with major design figures, including Citterio, for over 40 years.

“Gregory is an indoor product that started with the same technology in the use of this exposed webbing. Webbing, for designers, is a reminder of the great heroes of design. Mies van der Rohe comes to mind,” says Citterio. “Fortunately, over the years, this material has also undergone a sort of technical acceleration. So, all it takes is an inventive twist on how to attach the webbing to the structure and, for those who work in design, the creative spark is instantly ignited. And that’s what happened: as soon as I saw this little invention, I understood that I could design objects starting with this technology.”

The designer dreamed up a completely different approach to the structure, mixing materials—as he is known to do—like steel and leather. A technically-advanced elastic webbing structure suspends the sofa’s seat cushions, offering unparalleled comfort. The exposed portion of the webbing, however, is made in leather, making for the piece’s signature stylistic contrast. The texture of the cowhide is echoed in the grosgrain piping that frames each plump goose down cushion, showcasing Flexform’s tailoring capabilities. The Gregory sofa and bed offer support with ease, with ergonomically-minded backrests and a padded headboard each.

While destined to be unique in any home, Flexform also provides bespoke choices in finishes and fabric for the Gregory sofa and bed—as with any other of its collections. The metal structure and cast aluminum feet come in several finishes, while the cowhide webbing is available in a palette of tobacco, dark brown, and black. While the sofa’s modularity proposes innumerable living arrangements, the bed’s headboard can be upholstered in fabric or leather with optional piping, all of which is removeable for maximum convenience.

“Each and every sofa sets the scene for a medley of different uses,” says Citterio. The Gregory sofa is a design you can live on and around. It’s modular components, sumptuous material and feel make it perfect for everything we’ve come to enjoy on a couch today—getting lost in a book, ending the day with a drink, starting the day with a coffee, getting transported by a film, and even catching up on Zoom meetings and emails.

As Citterio descrbies, “The common denominator in every Flexform product is that it is easily-recognized, designed for everyday life and always easy to use.” And the Gregory sofa and bed are just that, a combination of design consistency and timeless elegance you’ll want to live with, and inevitably won’t be able to live without.


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