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Art Basel 2021


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Gabriel Rico, "Who reckons the close of his life among the boons of the nature? (The Jealous God)", 2018, 25 9/16 x 66 15/16 x 102 3/8", coyote, petrified wood, level, wire, plastic hand, glass bottle, ceramic, volcanic stone, sponge, neon, mirror, brass; © Gabriel Rico, photo by Diego G. Argüelles, courtesy of Gabriel Rico and Galerie Perrotin.
Gabriel Rico, "II Mural, from the series 'Reducción objetiva orquestada (2016-2021)'", 2020, 124 1/16 x 153 9/16 x 5 7/8", mixed media, brass, neon; © Gabriel Rico, photo by Diego G. Argüelles, courtesy of Gabriel Rico and Galerie Perrotin.
Gabriel Rico, Installation view, "Nature Loves To Hide" at Galerie Perrotin; photo by Claire Dorn, courtesy of Gabriel Rico and Galerie Perrotin.
Paris, 3rd arrondissement

Gabriel Rico: Nature Loves To Hide

June 13, 2020 - July 25, 2020

Galerie Perrotin presents Gabriel Rico’s latest solo exhibition “Nature Loves to Hide.”

13 works are installed, including three large installations, two wall installations, seven sculptures and a mural filled with objects covering the wall. Altogether, these works create an experience of delirium and dialectic tension. The synthesis of objects doesn’t imply conventional representation but simply their material presence. “What draws me to certain objects is my relationship to them and the meaning they acquire when I change their context and utilize them in a new situation, a situation outside their logic of use,” said the artist.

76 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France
Jun 13 - Jul 25
Galerie Perrotin Paris
Gabriel Rico: Nature Loves To Hide


Paris, 8th arrondissement |Exhibitions

Damien Hirst: Cathedrals Built on Sand

Damien Hirst’s “Cathedrals Built on Sand” is a visually playful installation posing questions on the morality of the commodification of healthcare and society’s faith in drugs.

Women in Abstraction

"Women in Abstraction" highlights the work of more than 106 artists dating from the 1860s until the 1980s.

Figures of Power

AFIKARIS Gallery’s “Figures of Power” is a joint exhibition of the Senegalese artist Ousmane Niang and Nigerian artist John Madu.

Surface Horizon

For "Surface Horizon," Jean-Marie Appriou and Marguerite Humeau have created an all-encompassing installation that stretches from the façade to the courtyard and across all of Lafayette Anticipations’ exhibition spaces.

Damien Hirst: Cherry Blossoms

The whimsical chaos that comes with the season of cherry tree blooms is captured in Damien Hirst’s first-ever museum exhibition in France, “Cherry Blossoms.”

Anne Imhof: Natures Mortes

Giving carte blanche over the Palais de Tokyo to Anne Imhof, “Natures Mortes” sees the entirety of the institution filled with a group presentation of the artist's conception.

Hans Hartung: Hartung 80

Perrotin’s Paris gallery at 76 rue de Turenne is presenting ”Hartung 80,” an exhibition of the artist Hans Hartung, spread across seven sectors looking at form and technique.

Jean David Nkot: Human@Condition

Cameroonian artist Jean David Nkot’s first solo exhibition, “Human@Condition,” is on view at AFIKARIS Gallery in Paris through July 7.

Jimmy Nelson: The Last Sentinels

Photographer Jimmy Nelson’s “The Last Sentinels” opens June 9 and is on view at Atelier des Lumières in Paris through July 10.

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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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