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Amy Phelan 
Photo by Roe Ethridge.

Collector Amy Phelan Supports NWAW’s Residency

The major collector Amy Phelan—a friend of the program’s founder, Sarah Gavlak—has supported Palm Beach’s New Wave Art Wknd since its first edition in 2018. Phelan is also building a home in Palm Beach with her husband, John, featuring bright and playful artworks from the couple’s collection.

As one of the committee members this year—joined by Ann G. Tenenbaum, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Burt Minkoff, Franklin Sirmans, Henry Reese, Jane Holzer, Keith Bloomfield, Lisa and Richard Perry, Lindsay Taylor, Mike De Paola, and Sanford Biggers—Phelan shared with us that she is looking forward to the Peruvian artist Renzo Ortega taking part in the inaugural immigrant artist-in-residency program.

Maynard Monrow, Amy Phelan, and John Phelan
Photo by BFA.

She shared with Whitewaller more about her Palm Beach life, and what is inspiring her at the moment.

WHITEWALLER: Tell us about your relationship with the second edition of the New Wave Art Wknd.

Courtesy of Amy Phelan.

AMY PHELAN: Sarah Gavlak is a good friend, and I am interested in supporting the NWAW immigrant artist-in-residency program she has created in Palm Beach.

WW: This year’s NWAW’s immigrant artist-in-residency program supports the Peruvian artist Renzo Ortega. What about his work inspired you?

Beth Rudin DeWoody, Sarah Gavlak, and Amy Phelan
Photo by BFA.

AP: His painting When It’s Time to Leave. This series of work represents the issues that families are confronting, such as displacement, economic crisis, and health, and the hopeful efforts to improve their quality of life. Ortega believes being an active community member makes him part of the country’s economy and culture.

WW: You’re building your Palm Beach home. How would you describe your collection there?

Amy Phelan
Photo by Roe Ethridge.

AP: In Palm Beach, the first art installation is a curated selection of works from the collection. I feel it is bright, bold, happy, and playful, just like the house.

WW: What have you added to your collection recently that you’re excited about?

AP: An untitled painting by Rudolf Stingel.

WW: Where in Palm Beach do you like to see art, or eat and drink at?

AP: The Norton Museum, The Bunker Artspace, and private collection visits. I love going to the amazing Royal Poinciana Plaza for lunch or dinner and shopping.




Founder Sarah Gavlak discusses five years of New Wave Art Wknd, which returns to Palm Beach from December 1–3, 2023.


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