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New Wave Art Wknd 2022

New Wave Art Wknd Presents its Fifth Edition

Just Ahead of Miami Art Week, New Wave Art Wknd Returns to Palm Beach from December 1—3.

New Wave Art Wknd 2023 Focuses on The Freedom of Expression

Just ahead of Miami Art Week, New Wave Art Wknd (NWAW) returns to Palm Beach for its fifth edition from December 1—3, comprising an invigorating program highlighting the region’s art scene, with the encompassing theme “The Freedom of Expression.” The weekend holds a robust roster of open studios, gallery and private collection visits, panel discussions, and even dining experiences, fostering symbiotic relationships between artists and patrons within the local arts ecosystem.

“We are so proud to be celebrating our fifth anniversary this year and it is now more imperative than ever that we offer support, safety, visibility, and a platform for the most vulnerable and underrepresented in our society and the art world at large,” said founder Sarah Gavlak. “In collaboration with New Wave’s many incredible partners, local art collectors, and philanthropists, we are working to build an ecosystem that supports these artists and has the power to bring about real and sustained change in South Florida.” 

New Wave Art Wknd 2022 Photo courtesy of James Jackman/CKA.

New Wave Art Wknd Supports New Wave’s Inclusive Arts Programming

Organized with the help of prominent collectors, curators, and philanthropists like Lisa Perry, Amy Phelan, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Franklin Sirmans, and Ann Tenenbaum, the beachside weekend encompasses a special ticketed Patron Program with a lineup of exclusive events, as well as public events that are open to all. Proceeds from the weekend go directly to New Wave’s year-round residencies and other initiatives, supporting the organization’s focus on diversity and inclusivity in the art world.

New Wave Art Wknd 2022 Photo courtesy of Alycia Kravitz/CKA.
New Wave Art Wknd 2022 Photo courtesy of Alycia Kravitz/CKA.




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