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A Few Finds in Frieze New York’s Online Viewing Rooms

Today and tomorrow, VIPs get a preview of Frieze New York’s 2020 Online Viewing Rooms. Open to the public May 8—15 are digital presentations from over 200 international galleries, as well as special exhibitions from Collective Design and Acute Art.

“We are so thrilled to unveil the first edition of Frieze Viewing Room by showcasing Frieze New York 2020. It was always intended that this initiative would debut alongside this year’s edition of Frieze New York, and under our current circumstances, our launch has become even more timely,” said Loring Randolph, Director of Frieze New York in a statement. “Visitors to the platform will find this year’s exciting programming, including our sections that highlight artists of Latin descent and female artists of Chicago, and our curated presentations with Collective Design and Acute Art. While the Viewing Room could never replace the meaningful connections that come from being with each other physically or experiencing an artwork in person, I hope that this digital version of Frieze New York will inspire our community to come together in the same way our fair does – in support of artists, galleries and non-profits from around the world.”

Whitewall perused the viewing rooms, which use AR technology, and found a few favorites you won’t want to miss.

Virtual visitors will find a solo show of work by Linda Stark made over the last decade at David Kordansky Gallery. The works on paper are created with physical interventions like collage, piercing, and kissing, inspired by personal experiences. “They are spare and precise fantasies, driven by inner necessity, and involve inquiries into paradoxical subjects, both alluring and disturbing. They might be playful, wounded, melodramatic, or understated,” said the artist in a statement.

Anat Ebgi is showing a timely dual presentation, “Sisters of the Sun,” with works by Faith Wilding and Sarah Ann Weber, curated by the University Club of Chicago’s George William Price. He asks, “As humanity—or essentially capitalism—extends itself like tendrils across the Globe, is it not inevitable that, in some way, we become a hybridization of ourselves and the world around us? How does this crisis allow us to evaluate our current economic and political situation and, in the words of Wilding, create a safe space for manifold life forms and forms of living?”

Kasmin is presenting sculptures by Mexico-based artist duo Tenzontle in collaboration with PAENA within Frieze Diálogos. Those works are joined by pieces by Tina Barney, Ian Davenport, Max Ernst, Lee Krasner, Bernar Venet, Andy Warhol, Robert Motherwell, and more in the main section of the fair.

A selection from Jean-Michel Othoniel’s “Precious Stonewall” and “Lotus” series is being shown by Perrotin, alongside new paintings by Gabriel de la Mora, Zach Harris, John Henderson, and Izumi Kato. Also on view are works by Iván Argote, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Hans Hartung, Bernard Frize, JR, Thilo Heinzmann, Leslie Hewitt, Lee Bae, Takashi Murakami, and Julio Le Parc.

Within the Perspectives section, Pace is featuring new works by Nigel Cooke, Mary Corse, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Torkwase Dyson, Loie Hollowell, Nina Katchadourian, Trevor Paglen, Adam Pendleton, Leo Villareal, Brent Wadden, and Song Dong. The gallery is also taking part in the Non-Profit section to benefit N95FforNYC, a COVID-19 relief organization co-founded by Pace team members that is funding and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals in New York City.

Lehmann Maupin has taken the opportunity of Frieze’s Online Viewing Room to announce the representation of Malawian artist Billie Zangewa, who will have her first solo show with the gallery this September. Magenta Plains is also highlighting the work of an artist who will have a solo exhibition this fall, featuring four new large-scale paintings by Zach Bruder.

Don’t miss a special presentation from Collective Design, curated by Libby Sellers, including museum quality design pieces from Bruno Munari, Sabine Marcelis, Gaetano Pesce, and many more.


Zélika García ont he 18th edition of ZONAMACO.
Across three floors at Frieze New York we found an invigorating array of work across significant solo and group presentations. 


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Zélika García ont he 18th edition of ZONAMACO.
Across three floors at Frieze New York we found an invigorating array of work across significant solo and group presentations.