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Linder Spring/Summer 2017

Linder Debuts New Collection With First Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week Men’s may be over but we’re still reeling from the excitement and flash photography. One of the first shows to kick off the spring/summer 2017 collections was new kid on the block Linder with their first show since the brand’s start in 2013.

Co-founders and designers Sam Linder and Kirk Millar saw this new collection as an opportunity to stray from their familiar design vocabulary that they referenced in beginning collections.

Linder Spring/Summer 2017 Courtesy of Linder

Initially “feeling the waters out,” Millar said that now, “We’re in uncharted waters for ourselves which is really fun.”

The show, at Dixon Place on the Lower East Side, captivated the audience with Linder’s unique and almost rebellious collection, straying from the traditional. A catwalk with both men and women, Linder continued their style of blurring the gendered lines with universal designs. The imagery was hauntingly chic with a soundtrack of a metallic lullaby guiding the models.

Linder Spring/Summer 2017

Currently though, Linder remains a menswear brand and there are no definite predictions of a women’s line in the future. “It’s possible, we definitely design under the label menswear but having in mind that everything we make can be worn by women just as easily,” said Linder.

The entirety of the collection reflected the design styles of each designer, a collaboration of harmonious contrast.

Linder Spring/Summer 2017 Linder Spring/Summer 2017

“We often have to go through massaging two points of view together that don’t want together easily. But when they do we have something really fresh, get something that feels exciting,” said Linder.

Linder’s debut show cemented any doubts about the rarity found within these two designers’ creative talents. Select guests attended the show, notably the Olympic snowboarder Shaun White.

Linder Spring/Summer 2017 2016

“We love the city that we live in and we want our brand to stand out as one of the less commercially minded and exciting brands that even we’re discovering as we design it,” said Millar.





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