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Tim Coppens spring/summer 2016

Tim Coppens: Spotty Mushroom Magic

Last week, tucked deep within Skylight Clarkson Square—one of two new fashion week venues that we are expected to see more of in September—were a series of hangouts provided by Amazon, Cadillac, and Dream Works Animation, and a few large “platforms” for designers to host shows in. Occupying Platform 2, and the vast majority around its entrance, was Belgian designer Tim Coppens and the label’s fashion followers from all over town. One by one, tickets were checked, barcodes were scanned, and eventually, the room was filled, and the lights dimmed down.

Jetting down the runway was a series of spots—on both the clothing and the models—followed by images of mushy, dripping mushrooms in reflective patches on the backs of bombers. The ode to 1990s fashion was straightforward in this collection for spring 2016, and his specific dedication to the youth that aimlessly hang out poolside was seen in splashes of spots, globs, and blobs of vibrant yellow, coral orange, and a striking blue hue.

Tim Coppens spring/summer 2016

Flashes of light neon were seen in a variety of other instances: in strips and stripes on the shoulders of shirts; in the shirt’s bold pattern; and in the color of a jacket with matching spots within the mushroom patch. The spotted motif in its variety of colors resembled a luxe take on leopard print—or perhaps, as intended, bubbles from a day at the pool.

There were a number of interesting sporty-streetwear pieces, and most of the relaxed pants were held up by a thin drawstring with just enough support to keep them up. As the men made their way around the corner, each take on grunge-casual intensified, and ended in a finale of the entourage storming the runway together. It was a youthful spring 2016 collection fit for the aimless wanderer within.

Yigal Azrouël Yigal Azrouël’s fall/winter 2017 collection



Yigal Azrouël Yigal Azrouël’s fall/winter 2017 collection




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