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Zegna FW22-23

Zegna FW22 Follows a Path Worth Taking

The cinematic presentation of Zegna’s Fall/Winter 2022-2023 menswear collection “A Path Worth Taking” debuted Friday. It detailed a journey across snowy terrain, sloping mountains, and futuristic interior landscapes. Creative Director Alessandro Sartori introduced a fresh, rebranding concept, “our road,” starting at the beginning in Zegna’s Piedmont region of Northern Italy. This focus on the road has been a source of inspiration for more than a century.

A constant changing of viewpoints is suggested in both the variety of the camera work and the stark juxtaposition of settings, alluding to the versatility of the Zegna wardrobe and the necessity of this quality in the present day. After following a trail along the snow-laden ideal road, we were transported indoors, where the work of French choreographer Sadeck Waff orchestrated a chorus of bodies moving in unison, honoring the craftsmanship and the work of the 160 skilled hands that made the garments.

Zegna FW22-23 Courtesy of Zegna.

“I keep looking at the world through the Zegna lens. The reality we live in today requires adaptability; it asks us all to be fluid,” said Sartori. “Translating this idea into clothing means building a language of shapes and textures that grows and consolidates over time, matching the needs of the moment.”

The house infused its ethos into sartorial menswear staples like trousers, jackets, and overcoats, which were seen layered with seasonal necessities like textural knits, hooded windbreakers, and turtlenecks. Organic hues of winter white, burnt orange, and taupe gave a warm and inviting feel to monochrome looks in elevated fabrications like the responsible #UseTheExisting gabardine, technical silk, scuba wool, and the house’s latest Oasi cashmere.

Zegna FW22-23 Courtesy of Zegna.

The season’s silhouettes were roomy without becoming oversized, employing soft, sloping tailoring clean lines, and minimal details, like asymmetric jacket fastens, large rectangular pockets, or knits with a singular tie-dyed stripe. Appearing suitable for business and comfortable enough for leisure, looks we’re still thinking about include a black hooded trench cinched with a leather rope belt, styled with oversized reflective glasses; a suit pairing with an opposing-colored jacket and turtleneck peeking out from underneath, worn with brown leather Chelsea boots; and an allover white ensemble featuring pleated trousers, a matching blazer, and a zip-up moto-style jacket underneath.

Zegna FW22-23 Courtesy of Zegna.
Zegna FW22-23 Courtesy of Zegna.





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