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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Greenovia Brooch
Courtesy of Cindy Chao.
Rose Intense Cushion Ring
Courtesy of Chanel.
Contraste Blanc Necklace
Courtesy of Chanel
Joséphine Aigrette Impériale necklace in white gold, set with a drop of fine pearl weighing 81.68 grains, 21 pear-shaped diamonds for a total weigh of 10.93 carats and brilliant-cut diamonds
Courtesy of Chaumet.
Joséphine Aigrette Impériale solitaire in platinum, set with a drop of fine pearl weighing 21.88 grains and brilliant-cut diamonds.
Courtesy of Chaumet.
Les Galaxies de Cartier collection
Courtesy of Cartier.
Les Galaxies de Cartier collection
Courtesy of Cartier.
Les Galaxies de Cartier collection
Courtesy of Cartier.

Camellias, Crowns, and the Cosmos: New Jewelry from Couture Week

By Pearl Fontaine

January 28, 2019

Last week during the Paris Haute Couture shows, brands like Chanel, Cartier, Cindy Chao, and Chaumet gave us a glimpse of some seriously stunning new jewelry collections.

Cindy Chao presented the Greenovia Brooch—a sculptural interpretation of the house’s previous design, the Tipsy Brooch. Boasting nearly 2,500 pieces of six different varieties of gemstones, the jewel encrusted creation included diamonds, emeralds, and green sapphires with a mesmerizing 105 carat Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl at its center. Reminding us of a magnificent, sparkling clover flower, the Greenovia Brooch is bound to be the lucky statement piece leaving everyone green with envy this year.

Preserving age old traditions of ceremonial jewels and majestic femininity, Chaumet gifted us with a selection of designs inspired by the house’s first muse, the Empress Joséphine Aigrette. A collection fit for royalty, the Joséphine, Joséphine collection employed the iconic paring of white gold and diamonds with botanical inspired details and featured a selection of bright gems including cornflower blue sapphires, red rubies, and yellow diamonds. One of the most striking suites would have to be the Joséphine Aigrette Impériale diadem tiara with the 2.99 carat Ceylon sapphire at its center, and the matching earrings and necklace, which each included a central pear-shaped blue stone surrounded by diamonds.

The Les Galaxies de Cartier collection bridged the gap between the heavens and earth through a series of jewelry inspired by the glittering cosmos. Elements like white gold, diamonds, and rock crystal Metaquartzite represented the stars lighting up the Milky Way, while pink gold embellished with spikes of moonstone, diamond, and milky quartz embodied brilliant meteorites hurtling through space. Two pieces we especially loved included the Black Tahitian pearl bracelet, designed to mimic the alignment of the planets in the sky, and the yellow gold necklace with the jewel-laden sphere pendant, resembling the lights of the planet Earth as seen from outer space.

Chanel continued to honor Gabrielle Chanel’s now iconic camellia blossoms with the Camellia 1.5 collection. Imagined in the sweetest materials like diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, and rose gold, the jewelry line included pieces like the Contraste Blancc necklace, a diamond-laden camellia accompanied by strands of dripping pearls, and the Rose Intense cushion ring, featuring a central pink sapphire surrounded by gem covered petals. With its classic shape and nearly perfect symmetry, the camellia flower’s bloom imbues elegant simplicity at its finest, making it an ideal addition to mostly any look.

CartierChanelChaumetCindy ChaoHigh Jewelry CollectionJoséphine Aigrette


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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