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Courtesy of Armani/Silos.

Armani/Silos: Amani Home

Armani presents a new collection of furniture and accessories through Armani/Silos, on view at Silos. Beginning with a projection by Logo Lamps (conceived by the designer in 1982) and ending with a behind-the-scenes studio view, the exhibition traces the influences of Armani/Casa through these furniture objects: the 30’s and 40’s, Chinese and Japanese design, and natural forms, each theme illustrated by a moving backdrop. The accessories, too, reflect both the contemporary style and timeless origins of Armani/Casa, evoking two themes: winter and outdoor life. The former is enriched with cold hues, and the latter with vvivid Art Deco colors.

Speaking on the release, Giorgio Armani has stated: “In recent years, I have focused on the essential aspects of my style lexicon. In design, as in fashion, I feel the need to reaffirm the founding elements that define the Armani style. This exhibition, devised to mark the return of the Salone del Mobile in attendance, is a way of traversing my aesthetics in its salient aspects, highlighting connections, suggestions, and references. For the first time I am using the spaces of the Silos to create an exhibition that offers an immersive and emotional experience in the Armani/Casa world.”

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