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Carrie Yamaoka, "24 by 22 (peeled)," 2016/2022

Carrie Yamaoka: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Commonwealth and Council debuts work by the artist Carrie Yamaoka in “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” on view through February 25. In her second show with the Los Angeles gallery, the multi-media artist continues her rigorous work with a range of materials such as polyester film and resin, placing them in direct dialogue with painting, sculpture, and photography. Yamaoka beckons her audience with surreal, mirror-like expanses of milky white and blue, offering an ever-evolving, intimate exploration of self and our encounters with the vibrant world around us. Upon closer look, the artist’s fingerprints remain as poetic impressions in vinyl, while fragile, abstract lines attest to layers of plastic melted into one. Using her studio as a scientific laboratory, Yamaoka investigates, experiments, and analyzes her work with unrelenting detail and whole-hearted freedom of spirit. 

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