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John Lobb New York Flagship

John Lobb Madison Avenue

The luxury British bootmaker opened a revitalized New York flagship boutique.

Renewed Focus on Sustainability and Bespoke Service Unfolds at 700 Madison Avenue

John Lobb unveiled a ravishing new flagship boutique at 700 Madison Avenue. After a tremendous 23 years on the posh street at 800 Madison Avenue, the fresh outpost is twice the size as its predecessor and launches a new era embracing sustainability, the splendid Bespoke service, and a revitalized global store concept—spearheaded by French architecture and design studio ciguë. Visitors will be introduced to the latest boots, loafers, and derbies—functional and revered works of art set atop lustrous ceramic shelving—before encountering a central capsule of singular hospitality. Exceptional services, including John Lobb “By Request,” offer clients an array of design options—from sweeping color charts, to plush leather samples, to refined soles and buckles—in pursuit of the perfect shoe.

Whitewaller recommends: Exploring the Peak, a stately lace-up ankle boot of the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, offered exclusively in two rich shades of supple Nubuck. 

700 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065


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