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Niele Torini, Un tout de différences

Niele Torini: Un tout de différences

“Un tout de différences” is a collection of new work by Niele Torini, on view at the Galerie Marian Goodman. Viewers will find imprints of No. 50 brush repeated at regular intervals of 30cm, following the working method the artist defined in 1966. The show offers a dialogue between works of different dimensions and on various mediums, such as canvas and foam board. In one of his new works, the artist creates a mise-en-abyme, by covering photographs of past exhibitions with the imprints. These new collages on foam board evoke Torini’s past but above all refer to the present, renewing our visual experience of No. 50. Torini’s artistic practice presents a subversive and radical vision of the act of painting where he affirms that painting is the result of work and stands for what is given to see. 

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