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Tavares Strachan, "Most Fabulous," 2022

Tavares Strachan: In Total Darkness

Marian Goodman Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Bahamian-born artist Tavares Strachan: “In Total Darkness,” showing concurrently with the artist’s “In Broad Daylight” exhibition at Perrotin Paris. On view through November 26, the show is a continuation of a trilogy which began with “The Awakening” at Marian Goodman Gallery in New York this Spring. Through immaculate mixed media and sculptural works, the artist explores the theme of invisibility, developing over the cycles of a day. Neglected historical and contemporary figures take center stage in an immersive and site-specific presentation. “In Total Darkness” ignites a dialogue with the brutality of French colonialism through the narrative of the Haitian revolution. Vital to the exhibition is The Encyclopedia of Invisibility, a dynamic research project newly presented in France. 

The exhibition, Strachan explains, “has to do with people, places and things that have been left out of history. And I thought it would be fitting to use this encyclopedia as the kind of groundwork for thinking about ways in which things that have been left out become included, a place where all the invisible things can be seen.”

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