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teamLab for Superblue

teamLab: Between Life and Non-Life

Between Life and Non-Life by teamLab at Superblue in Miami features several works by the interdisciplinary collective of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects. The group has long been fascinated by humans’ engagement with the natural world. In their interconnected digital works, users can see in real time their impact on nature, whether that be changing the spray of a digital waterfall or stepping on rendered fowers that wither and die. “We have given form to what we in the modern era consider to be life,” teamLab told us recently. “Digital technology has made it possible, more than any other man-made artifacts, to express these subtle transformations and interactions that nature has. It also has enabled us to create the expression that gives us a deeper sense of unity with artworks. We think this brings the viewers an opportunity to redefine the relationship between nature and humans.”

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