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Elton John Christie's

Symphony of Elegance: Sir Elton John Dazzling Collection at Christie’s

Sir Elton John's recent auction at Christie's was a testament to his eclectic taste and artistic flair—and a staggering success.

The melodies crafted by Sir Elton John resonate with poignancy, audacity, and a profusion of distinctive personas. Similarly, the array of artworks, fashion, and artifacts adorning the singer’s estate on Peachtree Road in Atlanta bears testament to his eclectic taste and artistic flair.

The live sales series of “The Collection of Sir Elton John: Goodbye Peachtree Road” auction ran from the 21st to the 23rd of February at Christie’s. As for the online sales, these concluded on the 28th of February. The collection amassed a staggering sum of $20,537,842, well in excess of the low estimate of $10 million. Photography accounted for one-third of the collection, with 350 lots. The auction exceeded the low estimate by 200%, with 73% of lots selling above their high estimate. Sir Elton John’s collection epitomizes the discerning eye and creative spirit of a singular artist whose oeuvre and perspective are revered internationally. 

An Opening Night of Opulence

Elton John Christie's

Elton John (Album Cover Variant), 1974, Terry O’Neill, © Christie’s. Hammer Price: $20,790

According to a Christie’s employee, the New York “Opening Night” sale on February 21st proved to be a grand spectacle in its own right. The captivating songs of Elton John enveloped the airwaves as patrons made their way into the distinguished halls of Christie’s Rockefeller Center saleroom. A multitude of attendees adorned themselves with sartorial elegance reminiscent of Elton’s iconic flair, bedecked in sequins and feathers, thereby further amplifying the event’s opulence. Opening Night auction served as a tribute to Elton John’s discerning eye for collecting, showcasing a carefully curated selection of items spanning various categories.

Over 3,500 buyers and bidders from 34 countries registered to participate in Christie’s “Goodbye Peachtree Road” auction. 47% of the participants were new to Christie’s with 86% of winning bids placed online. They were vying for the chance to acquire the iconic Elton John’s rocket-shaped cocktail shakers, elaborate jumpsuits, and captivating black-and-white fashion photography. The first live auction featured 49 meticulously selected lots. The auction culminated in unparalleled success, with a 100% sell-through rate and sales totaling 155% above the low estimate, achieving a remarkable total of $8 million. The prized possessions of the renowned musician fetched a remarkable $14.4 million across the two live auctions, surpassing the initial high estimate of $11.3 million. This was a testament to the fervent admiration for Sir Elton John and his collection.

Banksy, Bentleys, and Lively Bidding at Christie’s

Banksy Christie's

Banksy, “Flower Thrower Triptych”, © Christie’s. Hammer Price: $1,925,500

Opening Night auction was led by Banksy’s “Flower Thrower Triptych”, a work Elton John acquired directly from the artist, which achieved $1,925,500. Elton John’s beloved 1990 Bentley Continental, a car that traveled with him internationally, from Atlanta to Los Angeles to the South of France, generated exceptional results. Inspiring lively bidding from 24 participants, online, on the phone, and in the room, the Bentley sold for $441,000 against a low estimate of $25,000 to a buyer on the phone.

Elton John Christie's

A Pair of Silver Leather Tall Platform Boots, worn during concerts in the 1970s, © Christie’s. Hammer price: $ 94,500

Furthermore, the Evening sale saw the impressive surge in the value of the first four lots, each surpassing their estimates by significant margins, emblematic of Elton John’s legendary aesthetic. A Pair of Silver Leather Tall Platform Boots adorned with red leather letters E and J, dating back to circa 1971, fetched $94,500, a staggering 19 times the conservative estimate of $5,000. Similarly, a distinctive pair of Prescription Sunglasses from Sir Winston Eyeware, circa 1975, sold for $22,680, exceeding the low estimate by a remarkable 11-fold.

Additionally, emphasizing the profound relationship shared between the Versace family and Elton John, a set of Vintage Gianni Versace silk shirts commanded an impressive $30,240, surpassing their initial estimate by sevenfold.

Elton John’s Wristwatches See Admirable Auction Success

Cartier Christie's

Cartier. 18K Gold Limited Edition Asymmetrical Wristwatch with ‘Crash’ Deployant, © Christie’s. Hammer Price: $277,200

Exceptional results were attained for the trio of wristwatches showcased in the auction. A Rolex Daytona Wristwatch with Leopard-print Dial soared to $176,400, surpassing its conservative estimate of $40,000 and establishing a new world auction record for the model. Meanwhile, a Limited-Edition Cartier ‘Crash’ fetched an impressive $277,200, nearly quadrupling its low estimate of $70,000. Furthermore, a Signed Cartier Tank Normale achieved $176,400, almost nine times its projected low estimate of $20,000, marking another record for the model. Collectively, the group amassed $630,000, exceeding the combined low estimate of $130,000 for all three timepieces.

Tash Perrin, Deputy Chairman, Christie’s Americas, comments regarding Opening Night auction: “The view from the rostrum this evening was fantastic; with an incredible energy in the room and outstanding activity online. It was a privilege to auction Elton John’s inspiring collection. We were thrilled with the results of tonight’s top lot: the Banksy Flower Thrower Triptych which exceeded the high estimate. We were also delighted to see so many lots far surpassing their high estimate with objects ranging from a Versace dinner service set to EJ monogrammed boots. We could not be more excited as we embark on the Day Sales beginning tomorrow morning.”

Auction Highlights Showcase An Eclectic Mix of Treasures

Bentley Christie's

1990 Bentley Continental Two Door Convertible Coachwork by Mulliner Park Ward VIN SCBZD02D9LCX30295, © Christie’s. Hammer price: $441,000

The next series of sales, “The Day Sale” and six online auctions, showcased an eclectic mix of treasures tied to the legendary performer’s persona. The Day Sale, held on 22-23rd of February, saw remarkable success, totaling $6,474,132 and achieving an impressive 182% sales against the low estimate. Standout pieces included Robert Mapplethorpe’s Calla Lily photograph, which sold for $157,500, and Todd Murphy’s Portrait of Elton, setting a new world auction record for the artist at $113,400. Meanwhile, across the six online sales, objects closely associated with Elton John’s iconic status fetched a combined total of $6,102,810, attesting to his enduring influence as a performer and style icon.

Other auction highlights were from Sir Elton’s renowned Private Collection of Photography. The collection on sale encompassed a captivating array of artists and subjects, showcasing the breadth and depth of his discerning taste. Among the star-studded sitters from the film and music worlds were icons such as the delicate Marilyn Monroe, the incomparable Cher (seen alongside Elton at the Rock Music Awards in Hollywood in 1975), and the legendary Beatles, as well as others. Within these notable photography works, there was a familiar image – a cover variant from Elton’s celebrated 1974 Greatest Hits album. This iconic shot, lensed by Terry O’Neill, stands as a tribute to his keen eye, having immortalized numerous iconic moments of Elton’s journey both on and off the stage throughout the years.

“The Collection of Sir Elton John: Goodbye Peachtree Road” sparked a worldwide sensation, drawing over 9,000 visitors to Christie’s Rockefeller Center galleries who were eager to pay tribute to Elton John from around the globe, spanning from the United Kingdom to Australia. Prior to the auctions, more than 450,000 collectors and fans browsed the sales online. Christie’s livestream auction attracted nearly 1 million views from across the globe, highlighting the widespread interest and admiration for this iconic collection. The greatest interest was in the items imbued with a personal connection to Elton John, symbolizing his iconic status and influence in the realm of music, rather than solely reflecting his individual passions. This trend was evident in the bidding patterns of prospective buyers, who gravitated towards pieces that held a direct association with the legendary musician’s life and career.

Christie’s Continues to See Success with Impeccable Celebrity Memorabilia

Elton John Christie's

A pair of prescription sunglasses, Sir Winston Eyware, © Christie’s. Hammer Price: $22, 680

Bonnie Brennan, President, Christie’s Americas, says: “It was a great honor for Christie’s to have been entrusted with the auction of the contents of Elton John’s Atlanta home. The collection was assembled over 30 years in an American city that meant so much to Elton John and his family. Beyond including artistic and personal treasures the sale cemented the cultural legacy of one of the world’s most iconic figures. It was an absolute privilege to present these objects to the thousands of fans and collectors who visited our galleries, enabling us to celebrate both Elton John’s exceptional eye as a collector and the vibrant chapter Atlanta played in his life.”

As per sources closely associated with Elton John, the renowned artist aims to scale back on touring commitments in order to spend more time with his two young sons. In the preceding autumn, Elton John and his spouse, David Furnish, successfully sold their six-bedroom condo in Atlanta for $7.2 million – a sum exceeding the initial asking price by $2 million. The success of Elton John’s sale at Christie’s is in line with the ongoing trend of heightened interest in collectibles and memorabilia linked to celebrities. Notably, last year witnessed Sotheby’s auction of Freddie Mercury’s possessions surpassing expectations threefold, amassing a staggering total of $50.4 million. Sir Elton’s auction realized a total of more than $20.5 million similarly shattered records and captivated enthusiasts.



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Go inside the worlds
of Art, Fashion, Design,
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