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Brandon Maxwell SS21

Brandon Maxwell Embraces Practical Glamor for SS21

After reflecting on the challenges of the past year, Brandon Maxwell experienced a sense of clarity and returned to the brand’s early days. For the label’s latest its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, basics are explored in an innovative way. Debuted through a filmed runway presentation, the designer approached the collection from a hedonistic standpoint, creating on a smaller, more intimate scale solely because it felt right.

Dressing up for the sake of dressing up—a theme many of us have explored during endless days of work-from-home Zoom calls—is embraced for the upcoming season, seen in silhouettes and materials that embody practical glamor. Elegant details have been added to otherwise casual garments (like a sporty pullover with a satin-trimmed collar) while other styles are presented simply, with chic and minimal styling choices (like a pleated chiffon skirt paired with a sheer-sleeved baseball tee and heeled sandals).

Brandon Maxwell SS21 Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell.

Optimistic hues of green, red, neon yellow, and blue accompany garments imagined in classic colors like black and white, representing the brand’s journey from dark to light experienced through the tumultuary nature of the past year. Concurrently, silhouettes offer a hybrid of classic dress and contemporary sportswear influences, including pieces like parkas with removable hoods, a sleek one-shouldered bodysuit with an open torso, plushy sweatshirt material fashioned into a cropped off-the-shoulder blouse, and draped waist trousers imagined in luxury bonded jersey neoprene.

Looks we’re still thinking of include a pair of amply cut gown pants in moire faille, paired with a green windbreaker and a pinstripe button-up; a long, army green dress with zipper details and visible seams reminding us of a sweatsuit; and a matching set with a cropped jacket that features bungee drawstring cords and elastic-waisted shorts in black nylon.

Brandon Maxwell SS21 Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell.
Brandon Maxwell SS21 Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell.




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