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Prada Outdoor - Beverly Hills, courtesy to Prada.

Prada Beverly Hills

Prada Outdoor makes its debut at the Prada Beverly Hills store on June 14, 2021. Four experiences a picnic on the lawn, games on the sand, the cool shade of the trees, and the gleam of the sun on an alpine lodge are celebrated in a series of pop-up shops and in-store installations.

The installations are dedicated to the emotions conveyed in four settings: Garden, Coast, Mountain and Snow. The setting presents a fun-filled beach complete with sand dunes, rocks, and white and ocean-blue tents and sunshades. It’s a place where people can relax in the sun or sip a drink at sunset on the beach bar’s terrace. Amidst beach huts, surfboards and lookout towers, an exclusive ready-to-wear collection for men and women takes shape, all connected to the theme of Coast.

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