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JMW Turner

Turner’s Modern World

This autumn, a landmark exhibition dedicated to JMW Turner is on view at Tate Modern. “Turner’s Modern World” explores what it meant to be a modern artist during Turner’s lifetime and reveals how the artist found new ways to capture the momentous events of his day, from technology’s impact on the natural world to the effects of modernisation on society. Living and working at the peak of the industrial revolution, Turner faced up to the challenges of his time. The exhibition explores the artist’s fascination for industry and infrastructure as new elements of Britain’s landscape. With works such as The Battle of Trafalgar (1806-8) and Field of Waterloo (1818), Turner’s recollection of wartime at home and his reflections on the reputations of soldiers and civilians are also present throughout the exhibition. “Turner’s Modern World” also reflects on the artist’s interest in social reform and his engagement with political events.

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