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6 Design Debuts to Look Forward to During Milan Design Week from Alessi, Loewe, and More

Milan Design Week, taking place later this month, uplifts design legends and luminaries while introducing the world to captivating and functional objects of great beauty. Here, we take a peek at upcoming debuts and presentations from Loewe, Gucci, Alessi, Kohler, Lexus, and Carl Hansen & Son.

Ahead of the week of Milan Design Week, coinciding with Salone del Mobile 2024 open April 16 to 21, we’re introducing new collections and immersive exhibitions by internationally renowned design brands you won’t want to miss. Brands like Loewe, Gucci, Alessi, Kohler, Lexus, and Carl Hansen & Son will share during Milan Design Week their inspired collaborations with celebrated visionaries such as Genta Ishizuka, Michael Anastassiades, Hideki Yoshimoto, and Marjan van Aubel

“LOEWE Lamps” Spotlights 24 Visionaries at Palazzo Citterio 

“LOEWE Lamps” at Milan Design Week by Genta Ishizuka

“LOEWE Lamps” by Genta Ishizuka, courtesy of the artist and LOEWE.

During Loewe’s 8th presentation during the much-anticipated global design week, “LOEWE Lamps” will debut the latest artistry of 24 visionaries and their visceral connection to the illustrious maison. On view at the majestic Palazzo Citterio, inspired creatives including Young Soon Lee (South Korea), Chikuunsai Tanabe IV (Japan), Anne Low (Canada), Andile Dyalvane (South Africa), Ann Van Hoey (Belgium), Akiko Hirai (Japan), and Alvaro Barrington (Venezuela) will offer a diverse collection of lamps fully embracing their thought-provoking explorations and imaginations. Genta Ishizuka (Japan), the 2019 winner of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize, unveils a suspended style lightsource in the sculptural, organic shape of a bronze shell; embellished with a glimmering lacquer, golden hues radiate from its heart. In contrast, distinguished ceramicist Dame Magdalene Odundo (Kenya) reveals skillful leather-work with a vibrant hanging creation in which angular points of interest diverge from a sturdy, central column. 

Gucci’s “Design Ancora” is a Ceremonious Project at Via Montenapoleone 


Courtesy of Gucci.

Gucci Creative Director Sabato De Sarno presents “Design Ancora,” a project uplifting design legends and luminaries at Via Montenapoleone. Five captivating objects will be on display—and eventually available to the public—capturing the golden age of Italian design by way of masterful craftsmanship and enduring style. Architect Guillermo Santomà designs the vivacious show space, sparking a luminous dialogue on the meeting of historical and contemporary artistry. 

Alessi’s “Myth Makes Belief” Unveils an Experiential Installation at FuoriSalone 2024

ALESSI Menhir design by Michael Anastassiades

ALESSI Menhir design by Michael Anastassiades; photo by Riccardo Gasperoni, courtesy of ALESSI.

Renowned Italian design brand Alessi unveils an experiential installation titled “Myth Makes Belief” during FuoriSalone 2024. In collaboration with Los Angeles-based creative studio PlayLab, Inc., the compelling presentation revels in a fantastical Alessi universe through three lush realms: “The Lake” whisks visitors into a narrative imparting the brand’s rich heritage, “The Mascot” introduces a mythological figure embodying Alessi’s powerful mission, and “The Masks” engages all who pass through in a spirited partnership. Dazzling moments of artistry by Michael Anasstasiades, Naoto Fukasawa with Samiro Yunoki, and Studio nendo communicate the brand’s dynamic future. 

Kohler x SR_A Debuts a Second Limited-Edition Product, Formation 02, at Palazzo del Senato 

Kohler x SR_A Formation 02 Smart Toilet at FuoriSalone 2024

Kohler x SR_A Formation 02 Smart Toilet; courtesy of Kohler and SR_A.

Kohler and industrial design studio SR_A, spearheaded by artist and designer Dr. Samuel Ross MBE, debuts the momentous second product in their multi-year collaboration: Formation 02, a limited-edition smart toilet. Invoking the magnificent forces of water within Mother Nature, the meticulously designed vessel fuses cylindrical forms, vivid colors, and singular molding techniques, culminating in a visually striking and functional work of art. In a distinct salute to the storied brand’s history, a hypnotic shade of Haptic Orange recalls the 1967 “Tiger Lily” within its popular bathroom line, rejoicing in 150 years of forward-thinking design. A sweeping, bespoke installation titled “Terminal 02” at Palazzo del Senato will reveal the latest brutalist innovation within a symphonic space of classic architecture, beckoning visitors through labyrinthine pipes and playful water activations. 

“Formation 02 furthers our celebrated partnership with SR_A and Dr. Samuel Ross, bringing new and unexpected design and exemplifying Kohler’s history of design and innovation excellence,” said Scott Edmunds, VP of Kohler Marketing. “Formation 02 combines our industrial expertise and technological prowess with our strong belief in the power of creativity to challenge and drive forward progress.”

“We continue to look to nature’s power and the defining feats of industrial engineering,” said Ross. “Be it through the unique embellishments of water character, or through nature’s force to reshape the material. Within Formation 02, you will be reminded of the journey water must embark upon.”

Lexus Explores “Time” at Superstudio Pìu in the Tortona Design District


Courtesy of Lexus.

A Milan Design Week exhibitor for nearly two decades, Lexus newly explores the wondrous meeting of software-enabled designs and tailor-made human experiences through the immersive installation “Time.” By way of two interactive exhibitions held at Art Point and Art Garden within Superstudio Pìu in the Tortona Design District, the global luxury automotive brand rejoices in the artistry of two acclaimed designers and the next-generation electric vehicle LF-ZC. Indoors, luminary Hideki Yoshimoto of Tangent presents “BEYOND THE HORIZON,” a spectacle of pioneering mobility through the ingenuity of human-centered design and software, embellished with the rapturous music of Keiichiro Shibuya. Beneath open sky, visionary Marjan van Aubel shares “8 Minutes 20 Seconds,” a riveting display of inventive and environmentally conscious design and technology. 

Carl Hansen & Son Presents the Inaugural Children’s Wishbone Chair at its Milan Flagship

Children’s Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen & Son.

Children’s Wishbone Chair; courtesy of Carl Hansen & Son.

The revered Danish furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son presents the inaugural Children’s Wishbone Chair at its flagship boutique in Milan. Evoking the whimsical design details of the beloved Wishbone Chair created by the late Hans Wegner in 1949, the latest iteration ceremoniously debuted on April 2 in homage to what would be the designer’s 110th birthday. More than 100 phases of production unfold into 14 stunning moments of artistry, illuminating the time-honored savoir-faire of the designer and Carl Hansen’s collective artisans. Centered in sustainability and perfection in hand-craftsmanship, the chair suits children of three years and older with a cloud-like woven seat and enveloping back and armrests. 

“Beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship are ageless, which is why we’re very pleased to present the CH24 Children’s Wishbone Chair,” said Knud Erik Hansen, CEO and third-generation owner-manager of Carl Hansen & Son. “We’ve been dreaming of making a child-sized version of the iconic Wishbone Chair for years now, and we’re delighted with the result. This smaller version of the Wishbone Chair blends in perfectly with the rest of a household’s furniture and is an ideal gift idea for future design enthusiasts.”



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Go inside the worlds of Art, Fashion, Design and Lifestyle.


Here, we offer a closer look at the newest—and finest—high Jewelry pieces from Tiffany & Co, De Beers, and Gucci.
Milan Design Week is about to debut its latest chapter, and within it, a spotlight on the novel and the next—including the young designers.
On April 15 in Milan, Veuve Clicquot will unveil the exhibition of photography, “Emotions of the Sun,” in collaboration with Magnum.


Go inside the worlds
of Art, Fashion, Design,
and Lifestyle.